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  1. Having a gallery seems like a nice tool, though. Are you wishing for critique on your art then?
  2. Is no one interested in giving me critique or advice? D: http://christianfurs.net/gallery/v/Drummer+Boy/byrd.jpg.html
  3. I put another thing in my gallery: http://christianfurs.net/gallery/v/Drummer+Boy/lightning.jpg.html
  4. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I just bought a new tablet, this is one of my first sketches with it: It only took an hour and a half to make, while drawing something like that with a mouse would have taken over twice as long...so now art can go faster, and I can add more detail and stuff without it taking incredibly long. Yes...let me go write up a journal on deviantart with commission details' date=' I haven't updated them in a while[hr'] I wrote up a journal with commission information: http://aaromus.deviantart.com/journal/0/ On a side note, does anyone have feedback/critique for me at all?
  5. I still play Battlefront II, heh. Played that last and it's still as awesome as I remember it
  6. Well, thanks again. I'm pretty much a total unknown except in one or two circles on deviantart. I'm not good enough to get watchers...
  7. Well that's kind of flattering. O.o thanks.
  8. http://christianfurs.net/gallery/v/Drummer+Boy/?g2_page=1 Feedback much appreciated! I pretty much just copied some of my better works from my dA gallery and uploaded them here.
  9. Thanks! I've been away from drawing for a while, but here's something I doodled today:
  10. The 250 GB version of this. Its actually a Seagate SATA drive inside that happens to be the same kind of drive used in most laptop computers. And' date=' yes, it would be having something to with 7 because that is the one and only system that has given me problems. Prior versions of Windows did fine, Linux did excellent (never a single crash). It wasn't until polluting my drive with 7 that I started having issues.[/quote'] Well, yes it must be connected to 7. The question is whether it's the fault of 7 or the fault of how your computer interacts with 7, because due to my experience and lots of performance tests, 7 is pretty much the most stable OS out there right now. It comes down to the fact that 7 is new and created for newer computers, so don't expect it to always run well on computers designed for and older OS. Here's a performance test of 7 that found it higher performance and more stable than both Vista and XP. Even though a lot of random performance statistics on blogs aren't totally trustworthy, my experience confirms this. Windows XP was installed on this machine for a bit, and it ran significantly slower than 7, and less stable too. I would say the problem is that you're applying your experience to Windows 7 as if it worked the same on all machines. Even the beta version ran for months on a friend's computer with no crashes whatsoever, ever, and no glitches or bugs, ever. That's like saying if I have a bad experience with something once, it must make it all bad. That's flawed logic to the core. That depends on your screen resolution. The Windows 7 taskbar is less intrusive than the XP taskbar ever was, if only because I'm running a higher screen resolution than before - and remember that 7 is built for newer, higher resolution screens, and it would be irrational to think Microsoft isn't going to create software for the newer and more advanced technologies and trends.
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