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  1. Don't know why ebay never camed to mind.. Thanks Adair
  2. Had trouble with the title so sorry if it sounds... 'strange.' I just want to make a tail of Achilles for myself to wear but I'm unable to find his correct fur colors. I've looked on fursuit supplies mainly and they possibly only have the color for Achilles top layer. The other two I'm unable to find a 'closer' match. This is Achilles fur: I went to Joanns about two weeks ago but the lady said they didn't have faux fur. The only type of fur they did have was more of wild cat prints. Every other site I'm pretty much have low confidence in choosing my fur because I believe when I get it that It won't match his fur colors. That was probably confusing how I said that. Basically: Could you guys help me find fur that matches Achilles colors? I believe I only need half a yard and I could really use the help of others opinions on what fur they think matches. Thank you
  3. I'm doing fine... Pooty...Vukasin? Guess thats what you like to be called due from your welcome back thread Also thank you for the welcome post again guys : )
  4. Mine would possibly have to be GreyKitty and Natsumewolf. I've actually commissioned about two times from GreyKitty - one being a soda icon (Which I believe they used some of her soda icons for a soda machine at one anthrocon I believe..) and a traditional drawing she did in markers I believe of Achilles playing the bagpipes..
  5. Thanks for all of the welcomings guys! I'll be looking around the forum a bit before I start to get active - but thank you : )
  6. Real name: Jordyn Other names: Achilles, (Hige on another site) About your fursona: Brown coloured themed Mexican wolf/ shepherd mi. Age: 15 Gender: Female Location: North Carolina IM: N/A Web site(s): Deviantart: http://achilleswolf.deviantart.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AchillesWolf Artist/Writer: Artist Style: More likely on the 'toony' side. Realistic every now and then. Been to any cons: Nope Fav. music: Christian Rock, Celtic punk, Rock, Celtic Likes: Technology, art, animals, coffee, Church, blogging, Skillet, music, typing, etc. Dislikes: Selfies, Whipped cream, fear, etc. (Other stuff but... unsure at the moment.) Church Denomination: Non Denomination Anything else: I'm part of the tech team at church working on computer (Powerpoint, Videos, Lyrics for worship, etc.) along with that I do have a little bit knowledge in lights. Thank you : )
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