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  1. A guy on YT has been trying to make a Sonic-related fan film, but he needs donations...and none of the viewers helped him out. -_- (I would if I could...) To clarify, the donations were needed for a new camera...

  2. (Yep, still here!) I am now digitally coloring some of my scans, and I think they look great! The conversion to jpg for this post kind of messed up the background a bit...it looks okay though. This next one was on another post of mine...now it's colored! Again, the conversion messed up the colors :/ (It wouldn't let me upload the originals)
  3. Sorry I haven't been on much lately :P

  4. That's right, I've got a new fursona--and I'm changing species. xD I am no longer a wolf. I am... ...a cat. Whacha think?
  5. Hey, I've got a couple more that I was finally able to scan! I guess this is a...mini version of him? xD Now she's a sly one...
  6. I'm kind of depressed...I don't seem to have my old Care Bears movies anymore...and those were my childhood. The first movie is on Netflix, but the second one (with Dark Heart :D) isn't, so I can't watch it...*sad sigh*

  7. So, I'm working on an anime-type series (I'm still coming up with ideas, so there isn't even a script yet xD), and I wanted to show off some of my character designs. Here is the old design for the main character (with the coloring): [in case you can't tell, he has purple eyes ] And here is the new design for the character--I forgot his whiskers though : [i think I prefer this one...] Here's a few other characters: I think I'm gonna do a different look for this next one...it looks all wrong I have a couple of others, but I haven't been able to scan them yet... Anyway, I hope you like these pics!
  8. Mmmm...chocolate donut...^_^

  9. Sorry I haven't been that active; I haven't had anything to post about :(

  10. I like being a wolf, but I'd also like to be a cat [maybe even a fox]. I also tend to be more like a dog at times, but I still call myself a wolf...I'm so confused :P LOL

  11. I'm not entirely sure what species I am anymore LOL

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