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  1. Human nature sometimes disgusts me and other times amazes me with its beauty

  2. Stressed beyond belief!

  3. Just made a new Skype account!

  4. Really enjoying the new customization features!

  5. Wow thanks guys it's nice to have such a warm welcome!
  6. Hey I'm William i'm 13 year old a Arctic fox fur and an extremely skilled programmer, I mainly specialize in HTML though but I'm learning JAVA and a few others. Im usually always busy with something I have a large inflow of school projects, program development ETC, but I'm certain i'l find a few spare hours. Best Regards WK
  7. I just joined today and I'm looking for a few friends as well. I dont have much time for anything though the last few weeks have been nothing but work but I'm certain I will find a few spare hours.
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