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    I thoroughly enjoy music and art. I have started reading a lot again, mostly fantasy books. I am a man of a million different hobbies, so feel free to chat with me about anything, add me on facebook!
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  1. Aww thanks guys. Certainly! Here ya go. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/trwqpzuskitn9v4/Final+Fantasy+Medley.mp3 As for practicing the arpeggios, I'm not really sure other than just playing a lot. It does help to play through the parts individually and then try and combine them.
  2. Just thought that I would share a piano recording of a few songs that I know. Was done all in one take and is 3 separate songs. https://soundcloud.com/midnightsorrow/final-fantasy-x-2-medley I don't really know of any other way to put that in here.
  3. Welcome back. I myself have been on a over 4 month Hiatus from here, but I'm excited to be back! I hope you are too!
  4. Holy crap! I have been following you on FA for years now! Love your artwork and style! Welcome to the community on here!
  5. @ She-King: I had seen you on here before so I knew you were. The tearduct vision isn't too difficult, it's just that you need to remember where it will be placed throughout the entirety of making the head. The other concern I had with it was hearing that coloring it with sharpie could tend to bleed should there get condensation on the fabric, so I used a black Copic marker. @KandiFawx: Yes it is.
  6. They bass guitar is extremely overpowering the entire mix. It's all I hear. You need to tighten up the lower end of the mix, for its really washing out everything else. The hi-hat is very mechanical sounding. The guitars are pretty good. The piano is also lost in the mix, if you are trying to highlight that part.
  7. Welcome. That dragon reminds me a big of one of my character drawings that I commissioned. You'rs seems to have a bit of gryphon to it. I like it, it's unique.
  8. So, I've been working on this fursuit head for over a year and a half (it is my first) and I just felt like sharing it with you all here. It is a work in progress, and I currently am figuring out detacheable attachment of the horns via magnets (which i just ordered, fingers crossed they will work). The horns are fiberglassed. What you see in the first picture is the same as the last, just with fiberglass and paint over it. I would have put them on the head, and the taken a picture but I have no way of keeping them on there without some sort of adhesive, and seeing as they have not yet had the protective sealant on it I decided against it. So without any further to do, here's pictures. Sorry if they are too big. Funny note: In order to post these on here I had to upload them to FA, I got a favorite, a comment and a watch within 10 seconds of posting it.
  9. This made me laugh. I just started to finish Inheritance this week. Got a Kindle for Christmas and have been reading so much. I'm on page 600 outta like 840 or so. Such a good book. I also read a couple other books too so far. I haven't read this much in years.
  10. So I've decided that I would like to share some of the "lyrics" and or random thoughts that usually come to me in the night or after having woken up. If they are good I usually grab my phone out and frantically type them in. I havent really gotten anything that is enough to make a song out of or a poem, but there is enough of a base. Usually it is just snippets of something. So I'll start with something that came to mind after having worken up from being very sick earlier today. It was raining outside and I suddenly had a "vision" of levitating in the air with the rain washing over me. So here is the snippet from today.... "Suspended in the rain Wash away all the pain drops of blue, life anew Suspended in the rain The taste on my lips the rushing within thoughts drift away a timeless peace"
  11. So it appears someone got a fursuit made that has bible versus on it....Interesting. Picture here
  12. ohmygosh! Totally forgot about that. Downloading RIGHT NOW!
  13. Ooh recent interest in this thread. I feel like posting something now Sculpture I've been procrastinating on for...well a LONG time. Sorry for giant pic. I have a DSLR...
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