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    Yup, good game. My advice... Be brave. xP
  2. K, so had nothing to do lately, thought I'd start some character reference sheets. Scrapped my old concept art and came out with this... I know we have some artists that are incredibly talented here so I thought I'd run it by you guys. Problem is, I cannot, for the life of me, draw a side view that look decent, and I've been at it for a few hours. If someone would be so kind as to give me some tips on how to draw from different angles (human heads are easy, it's anthro stuff that gets me. >_>) that would be amazing. Would also be helpful if someone could come up with an outline for a sideview. XP
  3. Lol, Singed. I don't play 3v3, I just suck at SR matches all day.
  4. Hahaha, I hear you. xD I'd probably go to the mall and do something ridiculous in one. Perform a synchronized dance with friends or something. XP
  5. To be honest, this stuff wouldn't be that difficult to make. The most difficult thing would be the skeleton I'm pretty sure, unless you don't know how to stitch by hand or machine. xP
  6. Ok, here's a potential candidate for the look of my fictional race. XP Not particularly based on anything that I can think of, but it's a consideration. Revised.
  7. Yo dood! Hey, I play piano too. Love Muse and Coldplay. Go ahead and send me your Steam name/link in a PM or something.
  8. Good to see some traffic in this thread. So, this is some concept art. It's conceptual in that it might act as a visual aid in some story creation, and it's also helping my experiment with angles and stuff. Trying to mirror something from a different angle is ridiculously hard, and I don't think I did too well, but hey, it looks kinda cool.
  9. Mass Effect 2... Must beat hardcore difficulty.. before... Mass Effect 3...
  10. See' date=' I was hoping that suggestions along these lines would come up. XP Excellent idea, actually, that probably solves the problem right there. xP
  11. Epic! I'm in the process of beginning a novel, or perhaps a style of graphic novel. It's a scifi-fantasy type deal. Best of luck to you! I would like to read a preview of whatever you have done.
  12. Haha' date=' exactly! Except not. xP Haven't put thought toward natural habitat since the beginning doesn't even talk about it. I suppose it would be a mix since they naturally occupy an entire planet. xP Haha, it's not individual names I need. XD It's the name for the species in which the story will revolve around. xD
  13. Ok, so... I'm writing a science fiction-y story. Started out as a school project/something I've been wanting to do for a while, which could end up a full blown book/comic/whatever, since I have so many ideas that I constantly jot down on paper. So! I'm a little stuck on one thing.. That would be names... The story centers around an anthropomorphic race that have more feline qualities. (Taller erect ears, average of striped fur patterns, slightly or more cat-like face, claws, etc. ) I'm having a difficult time naming the race in general, as it will be thrown around a lot. So, if anyone wants offer some suggestions, that would be cool. Remember, it's a scifi-fiction type deal. XP Also, if anyone wants to try at some concept art, whether it be me giving a detailed description or your own interpretation, that would be amazing. I don't care about the quality of the artist, it would just be a huge inspiration. I'll be posting the first chapter once it's done.
  14. That song was going through my head at the time, actually.
  15. My SECOND attempt at drawing a human! Hows it look?
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