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  1. I do commissions. I do not normally like to list myself outside my own sites because I do not want to detract business for anyone else, but seeing as I am pretty devoted to this site I figure might as well set up shop here. Just a fair warning before looking through my gallery I draw a fair amount of female behinds. http://mythtrainerinfinity.deviantart.com/gallery/ http://www.furaffinity.net/user/infinity/ Infinity's Commission Prices Line Art $15+ Flat Colors $25+ Full Digital $30+ I can work on a wide variety of things, but my main rule is no porn, which should not be a problem at all here. Stuff I've done for the members here: Flechmen: Wolfin:
  2. Infinity

    Pokemon Gen 5

    http://www.pokemon.co.jp/bw/index.html Not sure if you guys heard, but Pokemon Black and White was announced not too long ago in Japan. it is expected to be released in Japan sometime late this year. All of the common big pokemon sites will be covering it religiously (Serebii, etc.). I'm kinda lookin' forward to it, y'know. What about you guys? All we really know is Zorua, its evolution Zoroark, and that its on the DS. More details will come.
  3. Hey all, Just was wondering if something like a newsletter would be a good idea to send out to keep up on the things happening at CF. Since a lot of things happen on IRC some people who just go on the boards might not be up-to-date. It might help get some more activity on here too, so I guess that might be something to think about.
  4. I play Brawl and I'm looking to get good enough to play competitively. Hit me up if ya ever wanna play.
  5. Real name: Sorry, I kinda don't like telling people my name on the Internet... :x Other names: MythTrainerInfinity (if Infinity is not available) About your fursona: My fursona is an Umbreon pokémorph (I could get very tl;dr here, but I won't). Age: 22 Gender: Male Location: Michigan Email: [email protected] IM: MSN: [email protected] Web site(s): (I draw quite a bit of fanservice, but I don't draw any porn) FA: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/infinity/ DA: http://mythtrainerinfinity.deviantart.com/ Artist/Writer: Artist Style: Various Been to any cons: No, but I really want to go to one. Fav. music: Video Game (Especially Boss Battle music (The Star Wolf Theme I particularly like the most) Likes: Pokémon, Fishing, Checkers, Video Games, old board and card games, and nice things and people. Dislikes: Judging, rude people, mistreating the environment, etc. Church Denomination: Non-Denominational Christian Anything else: I've attended a Christian Secondary School, so yeah... Also, I'm a little shy around new people.
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