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  1. i guess, but, please correct me if i am wrong, arent all the icons and such just as small as they are on the ipod touch? or did they make them proportionally bigger?
  2. Yay! apple did something right! Wait, but is there a market for people with fat fingers?
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    Dude! thats awesome! i have a friend who plays the bodhran really well (their family is irish). I havent seen them since highschool. Thanks for bringing back alot of good memories man. btw, your pretty good! very swell job sah
  4. Wow, i had no idea that they would include keys like that, though it makes alot of sense... Even if the ipad was jailbroken, it would still be a jumbo itouch. i.e. still kinda a novelty item more than anything else
  5. That may not necessarily be true. they may not be able to get OSX on, yes, but who says that we could not get linux running on it? heck, if we can flash phones, it shouldnt be /that/ difficult (theoretically) to get it running (even if it was a vm/shell). This is a little outside of my expertise, so i could just be making wild claims
  6. Hello hello! Welcome to the forum!
  7. Hiya Mr. Morris! welcome to the furry best forum on the internet!
  8. ello there Kolbe! I just snatched this outta the river for ya *extends talon with some fresh salmon on it* Welcome to the forum!
  9. In my experience macs compile as well as windows, i dont even know why they wouldnt, since they are using more or less the same cpus as windows nowadays (woot intel).
  10. true true. Windows does have a way of being a time investment (its kinda the happy median between linux and mac in terms of ease of use in my opinion). Mac is def. the easiest OS to use, and with two kids running around (not gonna lie, surprised by that. didnt realize there was anyone married on the forum), Mac makes sense. turn it on and go. Idunno, i guess im just a tad biased toward windows (w00t gaming). the ipad, though does have its fair share of games, making it a pretty good 'portable' gaming platform. if there were usb ports (does it?) and a stronger cpu/gpu, it would be a fabulous platform for all sorts of games (especially with the accelerometer). But, if gaming isnt the focus, and you wanted more of a e-reader (like you were saying foxbunny) it could be quite the valid choice, that is if your alright with reading a lcd screen for hours at a time ( i assume that thats alright seeing as how your on our forum).
  11. Well, im glad to see people coming out of their shell (er, foxholes as it were) on the issue. To foxbuuny: i agree with your points on how it could be good in different situations, but (read: not attack) would it not make sense to save $100-$200 and get a netbook? in my opinion, they have the more functionality (minus 3g and touchscreen, which could be a selling point. i guess you could get a pcie 3g card for a netbook though). I guess, though, if you do not multitask, and you like a no-brainer type approach to OSes, the ipad makes sense. Personally, i like tinkering with my OS. I actually like mac products. i just do not like how proud they are of their products ($$). To flechman: i am actually running win7 professional on my netbook (asus eee), and it runs just seemlessly. Its all about optimization/optimism. Its lite enough for most anything (unlike vista). I cant image win7 not doing well (i suppose this is more for the win7 thread....). Its lite enough for most anything (unlike vista).
  12. 'ello Sah *extends wing in wing/paw shake* pleasure to meet you! welcome to the forum
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