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  1. Thanks everyone! Oh, and I decided on my fursona. My main sona is a phalene (a papillon with droopy ears) and I have a secondary ferret sona. =3
  2. Thanks flechmen! And double thanks for watching me on FA. :3
  3. Thanks for the welcome :3 And yes, I love coffee. I had some dark chocolate covered espresso beans today. Amazing!
  4. Real name: Not quite ready to share this, forgive me. Other names: Kolbe, Alex. About your fursona: Kolbe (named after St. Maximilian Kolbe) is still being decided x3 Age: 18 Gender: female Location: Georgia Email: [email protected] IM: Kolbekita (YIM) Web site(s): [Making an FA now] Artist/Writer: I write! :3 Style: Fantasy I guess? x3 Been to any cons: Nope... Fav. music: Alternative rock, techno. Likes: Beef jerky, coffee, meeting new people, hugs, reading, writing. Dislikes: People who take themselves too seriously. Church Denomination: I go to a Methodist church, but I'm non-denominational. Anything else: I only very recently got saved. I hope to make some friends...
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