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  1. I'm on Xbox Live as JoJoJoshua Steam as dolphndude PSN as CrAzYbRoS And if you want to hit me up for facebook games I'm JoJo Vixamour.
  2. I don't eat sentient mice and rats... :3
  3. Welcome to the forum! Glad you found your way here from the chat. Hope you're enjoying the experience so far. See ya on Y!IM.
  4. I'm getting SoulSilver! I'll make sure to put my friend code on here when I do.
  5. Uhh...I know you love posting Emptyperson...but this and a few others you have posted on are considered "dead" threads. It's usually frowned upon to "bump" them with posts on topic that haven't seen replies in quite a while. Friendly tip!
  6. Very glad you have come here. Hope we can make you feel that you made the right decision coming here (which you have!)
  7. Welcome! Good to have another southerner here.
  8. Finished up Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2 recently...waiting for the new Final Fantasy and Pokemon games.
  9. JoJoJoshua

    Mess of Me

    I love that song! Unfortunately, the album isn't as awesome as the rest of the album... :/
  10. Pikachu, Rob, Fox, and Wolf! Indeed it is a great game. Wish the online worked better than it does.
  11. Welcome! You're the next contestant on the Price is Right!
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