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  1. Hey thanks everyone, the warm greeting is greatly appreciated. It's pretty cold up here as it is.
  2. Real name: Joseph Other names:Thunder Mathis (Or just Thunder), Wolf4C About your fursona: Typical Grey wolf. Nothin' super special here. Age:17 Gender: Male Location: Houston, TX Email: [email protected] IM: MSN: [email protected] YIM: Wolf4C AIM: boeing31452 Web site(s): N/A Artist/Writer: N/A Style: N/A Been to any cons: No Fav. music: Hans Zimmer style movie tracks (though not necessarily only Hans Zimmer works), Rock (no screamo), and others. If I hear it enough, odds are I'll gain an affinity to it. Likes: Military, Aviation, Wolves, Family, other stuff too. Dislikes: People without spines (not ment literally if we have any invertebrates here), and those lack any sense of loyalty or kindness. Church Denomination: Whatever sounds good. Anything else: Just a kid workin' to better himself, his friends, his community, and his nation. Challenges may come, and I adapt and overcome. Any specifics you may like to know about me may be addressed via messaging through several mediums. I'd put more, but right now, I'm pressed just to have the grey cells work as they are now. I may amend this at a later date, and in any case, as a shout out to all the folks on the forums, Nice to meet you, and Merry Christmas.
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