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Hello! I'm Joshua Reynard, one of the many crazy foxes in the furry fandom. I've been "following" this fandom for years, but I've only recently decided to become more involved in it.


Real name: Joshua.


Other names: Josh, I guess?


About your fursona: Joshua Reynard is a red fox (Vulpes vulpes) who is essentially a vulpine version of myself. He is a Civilized Animal on TV Tropes' Sliding Scale of Anthropomorphism, meaning that he is (usually) bipedal, often wears clothing, and can talk, but could also pass for a feral fox if he wanted to.


Age: 20.


Gender: Male.


Location: Northeastern United States.


IM: N/A.


Web site(s): Currently, none.


Artist/Writer: I can draw a little, I guess. I also like to make music - I'm a keyboardist.


Style: For drawing, generic furry style, I guess. For music, I'm pretty flexible but have a background in ragtime and early jazz.


Been to any cons: No.


Fav. music: I'm one of those people who listens to everything except modern country and rap/hip-hop. However, my favorite genres are early jazz and synthpop. I'm also partial to some kinds of experimental/ambient electronic music.


Likes (in alphabetical order, not necessarily order of liking): Animals (duh), being a follower of Jesus, computers, electronics, foxes, Linux, microcontrollers, music, playing the piano, programming, the Raspberry Pi, SimCity, synthesizers.


Dislikes (in alphabetical order, not necessarily order of disliking): Apple (the "computer" company), Auto-Tune (with

), elitism, porn (furry or otherwise), sin, the stereotype that all foxes are gay/promiscuous (I'm straight and monogamous, as are most real-life foxes), trolls.


Church Denomination: I grew up in a Christian and Missionary Alliance church, and I still have ties to it. However, I do not formally identify with any particular denomination.


Anything else: I'm currently an electrical engineering student hoping to get a job working with embedded computers. I'm also involved in the "maker" movement, which is a subculture of people who like to build cool things. So I'm always happy to talk tech with anyone who will listen.


I'm very glad that a forum like this exists - the furry fandom needs salt and light, just like the rest of the world. I hope to use my time here to honor God and fellowship with other believers.

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Thanks for the welcome, guys!


Zvoc47: What kind of microcontrollers do you program? I started with a PICAXE, moved to Arduino-compatibles, and picked up a BASIC Stamp 2 along the way. I also have a couple of Raspberry Pis.

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I have MikroElektronika's Ready for XMEGA. I also have a Croatian version of Arduino UNO called Croduino. I program AVR microcontrollers in C, BASCOM, C++ and assembler.

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