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  1. I'm back - finals week is over!

  2. I'm still alive... But you probably won't hear much from me this week because it's finals week.

  3. Well, if you want a blatant parody of FNaF, the animal species in that game were a fox (Foxy), a chicken (Chica), a rabbit (Bonnie), and a bear (Freddy). (Not counting Balloon Boy, unless you count humans as "animals".) But if you want to avoid being too close to the FNaF games, you could go with a wolf, a cat, a lion, a monkey, a gorilla, or a human, just to name a few. (All of those have been done before by various pizza restaurants.) If you go with a lion, then Lionman would be a good name, as well as being a Mumford and Sons reference. Or if you choose a human, then maybe Humanman (just because of the sheer stupidity of the name)? As for an attack, throwing its head (Golden Freddy in FNaF 2), biting the enemy's head (Golden Freddy in FNaF 4), or slapping the player really hard (Chuck E. Cheese in this video) are all options. Or maybe something involving electric shock and a joke about faulty wiring?
  4. Some sort of spoof on the FNaF animatronics, maybe? Or the Internet/furry fandom's "interpretations" thereof?
  5. What I meant by "affectionately" was that I think that we furries tend to be quirky and often weird, but I still love my furry friends. And, as someone who is obsessed with interested in such things, I've speculated that maybe so many furries find transformation/shapeshifting interesting because the whole act of creating/role-playing as a fursona is kind of like shapeshifting. It involves taking on a physical/visual form that's different from the one you have in real life. Of course, it's not really shapeshifting, but it's kind of like a mental "simulation" of it, I guess? Sorry for going off-topic, Nathan. I just thought I'd add my $0.02 on that subject. (I like coming up with armchair psychology theories.)
  6. So that's why you labeled this as "Transformation" on FA! It's a cool concept, and not one I've seen very often - a character who can change their art style at will. You're very welcome! Maybe you could include this as an Easter egg or otherwise hide it somewhere in the game? I like little hidden secrets like that. I've noticed this too. We furries are an odd group indeed (and I say that affectionately, of course).
  7. Sorry for the late reply, but welcome to the forums, Pharlim! I'm Joshua Reynard, and I'm pleased to meet you. Like you, I'm in college studying computers (Software Engineering rather than Computer Science - there is a difference), and I also have a fondness for progressive rock (but haven't really explored the world of progressive metal yet).
  8. Minkshake is such a cutie (and I'm not just saying that because I like mustelids). The second and the fifth pictures in that series are my favorites, and the fourth one is also pretty cool. The third one kind of looks odd, though, because of the eyes. The solid, beady, inexpressive eyes seem to imply (to me, at least) that she's not a sapient creature, even though she is. I'm not sure if you did that on purpose or not - I don't really know the context in which that image appears in the game, so it might make more sense in context. Your theory that "she's a personal coping mechanism [your] own subconscious mind cobbled together out of things [you] like" is the theory I'm running with as well. But of course, I can't say for sure any more than you can. So I'll be praying for you on that.
  9. Hi! Sorry to be so late in responding. Anyways, I'm Joshua Reynard. Nice to meet you too, Serenity! I can't say I've ever seen a jackalope fursona before. (OK, a hybrid in your case, but still.) I like seeing unusual fursona species, despite picking one of the most common species in the fandom as my own fursona.
  10. Welcome to the forums, Pure! My name's Joshua Reynard. Nice to meet you! What species is he? We're a friendly bunch here - I'm sure you'll find plenty of new friends!
  11. Sorry I waited so long to respond... Welcome to Christian Furs! I'm Joshua Reynard, one of the local foxes. Nice to meet you, Enoji! I'm trying to get into music production myself, but life keeps getting in the way... I'll eventually get something finished, I hope. *Hugs*
  12. Hello there! The name's Joshua Reynard, and I'm a red fox. Pleased to meet you, Tommy! Like you, I'm a big fan of classic rock from the '50s through the '80s. There were lots of really talented musicians around back then. And I see you like thrift-shopping too. Glad I'm not the only one!
  13. Hello, Percival, and welcome to Christian Furs! The name's Joshua Reynard. Nice to meet you!
  14. I'm back!

    1. Spirit Bear

      Spirit Bear

      This is pretty late, but... Welcome! LOL.

  15. I'm fasting from the furry fandom for the weekend, and possibly longer. I'm not going to be on the IRC chat. But I can still be reached via PM.

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