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  1. lol, well, dont think he counts, but, I mean, come on! its a classic https://youtu.be/mHk0CNnUNag
  2. yeah, theres alot of that. annoys the crap outa me, cuase it makes me look stupid.... honestly, my personal belief is that we are dealing with hundreds of conspiracies. kinda one of those "death by 1000s of cuts." so its hard to identify the real enemy, besides Satan.
  3. It doesn’t matter what’s on the outside; Because it is the chains from inside that don’t break.
  4. I love mythology. and, depending on the conspiracy, I can see them happening. I say that its sad when the ones who are supposed to be "crazy" are right. Just please no reptilians. dont wanna insult the scalyes
  5. Nope. Im very new to the fandom, mostly because of the bad image of us. then learned that its mainly just inner children wanting fun. though, I suppose it helps when you have the nerves of a cat. its freaky. could fight blindfolded becuase of my hair. even white on my arms. but it makes a bit of sense. most of my ancestors are from heavily mountainous forests, so need that sensitivity. gets anoyin in a breaze or when women want to pet my curls though.... (never fails....)
  6. heyo! and, for the qoute ya did only applys if ya have chains. God broke my chains a long time ago. still waiting on Him to take the cuffs that were attached to them, though.... Hurry up God! they are chaffing!
  7. PIKACHU!!! my favorite Poke'mon.
  8. thanks..... *slirp* has.... caffeine in it..... uh? have.....ADHD...... *ppppuuuuuuurrrrrrrrr*
  9. hi. my real name is Royce. Im from AZ. my furr is a white tiger named Byakko. he's actually based from Japanese myth. of course, hes a samurai. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Tiger_(China)
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