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  1. The Lone Wolf

    Dust: An Elysian Tail

    Have you played it before? If not, why not? Go play it! Mash the buttons! DO SOMETHING!!! I recently played through DaET and I thought it was a really awesome game and would definitely suggest it to you if you are looking for a fun game with a good story and furry elements. There were several spots that had me laughing and the actual gameplay was lots of fun, if simple. Also, when the credits were rolling towards the end, in the place where the developer was thanking his family for support, he also added in the line "And most importantly, thanks to an Almighty God". I found this very neat since, throughout the game, I had picked up subtle plot points that reminded me very much of the Christian life (I won't say what for fear of spoiling the game should you wish to play it). But yeah, if you're looking for a fun game to play, give it a shot!
  2. The Lone Wolf

    Beware of a Skype Scam

    Personally as a general rule, I don't even accept friend requests on Skype unless I know from a previous encounter (say, here on CF) that they are going to send a friend request. I also don't accept any messages from anybody not on my friends list. Anti-social, I know, but this is why. =P
  3. Hello to you too! =D

    1. JollyRancher


      Lol sorry for the late response been dealing with college. But how are ya :D


  4. The Lone Wolf

    Fell's Fursuit Stuff (WIPs mostly)

    Very spiffy indeed!
  5. The Lone Wolf

    Big changes to the CF website!

    Is it bad that I 100% legitimately thought this was real and was a totally Adair-ish thing to do? I even messaged some other friends of mine to show them and I was like "Oh my goodness why does he thing this is a good thing to do? He's the only one that knows how to read it!... and who can't run HTML in 2014???"
  6. The Lone Wolf

    Heyo ~ From Dycie the Coyote

    Welcome welcome, Dycie! Glad to have you!
  7. The Lone Wolf

    I'm back, it's been a while fo sho.

    Why hello good sir, long time no type!
  8. What's on my mind?... EVERYTHING!... Even you =D

  9. The Lone Wolf

    New :3

    I'm a month late to the welcome party, but... welcome all the same and we are so glad to have you!
  10. The Lone Wolf

    I'm back, baby!

    Haha, sounds like me. Dropping in and out at totally random times. Welcome back... even though I'm a month late to this party.
  11. The Lone Wolf

    New User: Jake Whitepaw

    Welcome welcome, Jake! Hope to see you around here lots.
  12. The Lone Wolf

    New user: DimitriWest

    Welcome welcome my friend!
  13. All sorts of stuff! Biology (Eww)... Videogames (Yay!)...

  14. The Lone Wolf


    Ah ok, that explains all mah issues I've been having.