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  1. JuliaWolf

    Songs currently on your mind

  2. JuliaWolf

    Songs currently on your mind

  3. JuliaWolf

    fursona necklaces.

    Interesting... I wear collars everywhere I go and no one looks at me funny. o_0 Even worn them at church and people treat me normally. Anyways, back on topic, I love the necklace Tyger made for you, Sakiki-sis! ^.^ hugs
  4. JuliaWolf

    My Music

    I'll always love Snowy Mountain Top. Thanks again Pachua. *hugs* You have awesome music-making talent!
  5. JuliaWolf

    Songs currently on your mind

  6. JuliaWolf

    What is Sakiki Song of the day?

    This really touched me deeply sis... I can't thank you enough for posting such a beautiful song. hugs
  7. JuliaWolf

    whats up dudes and dudettes?

    Aww, Carter's a really good friend. We're happy you came here. If you ever need someone to talk with I'm here for ya. :3
  8. JuliaWolf

    Welcome me please ;D! Thanks!

    *hugs* It's nice to have you with us Amber! If you ever need someone to talk with I'm here. :3
  9. JuliaWolf

    Ref Sheet Finished!

    It's awesome and that's that from my hat. /me gives Pachua a hat because he's cool
  10. JuliaWolf

    Ref Sheet Finished!

    Oh man your suit is going to be totally awesome! Love the ref sheet! ^.^
  11. JuliaWolf

    Carter's Songs \m/

    This is totally awesome!
  12. JuliaWolf

    What was the most recent game you played?

    Alice: Madness Returns (PC)
  13. JuliaWolf

    Wow That was fast

    I posted a lot so that no one has to see the ugly topics when they log on. But I do agree, I pray that someone will delete all of those awful topics that were made by that troll. X_X'
  14. JuliaWolf

    Kail's Art Revisited

    Totally awesome bro
  15. JuliaWolf


    Hallo! *hugs* It's nice to have ya with us. Feel free to talk with me whenever you like. :3