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    Hey,name's Evan, or my fursona, Sora, which you can see on my DA account, which my user is HenwaOrochi. I love to play RPG's, Shooters, and Action games, like Final Fantasy, TES, Fallout, etc. I love war movies, and zombie films. I go to the church Cypress Creek Church almost every Sunday with my family as well. I'm a nice and friendly fur, but can be shy at first. Chat me up! ああ、それとね;私の日本人のためには:日本語で私へ話しにおきがりますね。^_^
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    Dragon/Wolf Hybrid

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  1. Going to my Sophmore Orientation to get my schedule >_>

  2. I love my family so much ^_^

  3. Listening to An Cafe :)

  4. *yawns* Sleepy (^=^;

  5. My friends have been pestering me to play it, but idk. Is it boring, does it contain viruses, is it very adult-oriented (like sexual-content), is it creative? Thanks for the feedback!
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