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  1. As we know, he is asking the persons gender when they were born, in the physical.
  2. "Are you male bodied or female bodied" is the correct way of asking how they were born, if and when, before they had a sex change.
  3. I apologize. His name was Mishomi.Forgive my late reply, I am grateful for your words.
  4. Hi, welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. I was thinking about that just today, or last night, that God put him there for me. Thank you for the welcome
  6. Thank you kindly! I am glad you messaged me
  7. Thank you, yes! I am grateful to God who made the wolf, and the wolf who listened to God
  8. I've written a few furry novels and short stories that are clean. If you want, I can send some to you. PM me your email I would be interested in getting your input.
  9. Thank you for the kind welcome! Yes I am aware the difficulty is almost always there. Especially for people like me who have made poor choices most of our lives, we have to endure the "Making right". That is the key, staying the course to the end, like Paul said.
  10. Everything is two hours away from Prescott
  11. What part of AZ are you in? I'm in Prescott
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