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  1. As we know, he is asking the persons gender when they were born, in the physical.
  2. "Are you male bodied or female bodied" is the correct way of asking how they were born, if and when, before they had a sex change.
  3. I apologize. His name was Mishomi.Forgive my late reply, I am grateful for your words.
  4. Hi, welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. I was thinking about that just today, or last night, that God put him there for me. Thank you for the welcome
  6. Thank you kindly! I am glad you messaged me
  7. Thank you, yes! I am grateful to God who made the wolf, and the wolf who listened to God
  8. I've written a few furry novels and short stories that are clean. If you want, I can send some to you. PM me your email I would be interested in getting your input.
  9. Thank you for the kind welcome! Yes I am aware the difficulty is almost always there. Especially for people like me who have made poor choices most of our lives, we have to endure the "Making right". That is the key, staying the course to the end, like Paul said.
  10. Everything is two hours away from Prescott
  11. What part of AZ are you in? I'm in Prescott
  12. Don't be jealous. It's the same love that exists in the heart of a dog. I found that as much as I loved wolves, the never ending fountain of selfless love from my dogs filled an equal portion in my heart. Wolves deal with you on their terms, because they simply do not have the thousands of years with people that dogs do. Wolves do not "understand" us as well as a dog does. I have seen selfless love and devotion from wolves. When a wolf chooses to love you, it is just that- a choice. Even a wolf that cares for you will only show affection when it feels like it. Oftentimes it is very rare. But when it is fending off pack members to save you (Another wolf) or jumping in front of water to shield you from it (He hated getting sprayed but he jumped up and got soaked to keep me from getting wet. not because he wanted to keep me dry, but because the woman spraying me had hate in her heart when she did. She wanted to demean me in front of him and he wasn't having it) When a wolf is doing these things it is entirely out of it's own volition, there is no thousand years of socializing with humans familiarity pushing it to do so. it comes from the heart, and will of the individual wolf. So on that merit, his devotion to me, never letting me "Submit" to him in any way even though he was an alpha, sharing his food with me, protecting me, beating the cr*p out of me when I was depressed, that meant so much. But there is nothing like the selfless devotion a dog brings to the table. If you piss a wolf off that loves you, you are going to get bit or worse. And yes, I have been bitten badly by the white wolf. Ripped my arm open, scarring the bone inside... I cherish the love I have from my dogs. Thanks for the welcome!
  13. Real name: Dave. Other names: Thetundrawolf, tundrawolf, thehandyman About your fursona: I don't have one. Age: 35 Gender: Male Location: Arizona Web site(s): http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thetundrawolf/ Artist/Writer: Writer. I write anthro fiction because anthro nonfiction doesnt really exist. Style: Love. I like writing love stories. Been to any cons: No Fav. music: I'm eclectic. But I like trance Likes: Dogs, wolves, guns, hiking, shooting, driving and riding motorcycles. Church Denomination: I don't know. But looking at the church today I am not sure I want one. Anything else: I've had a rough childhood. sexual/verbal/physical abuse. One day as a child, I was looking through the Jungle Book, and came across a mother wolf looking at a human child with such love. I never forgot that. I wondered what it was like to be loved. From then on I wished and asked God sometimes daily for a wolf. One day I was watching a documentary and saw wolves snarling at one another, and I quickly changed my plea to, "God, give me a wolf that loves me!" Fast forward a few years and I am a drug addicted criminal. I had had one near fatal drug overdose, and was heading to a second. I was angry, hateful and violent. My friends were scared of me. I dealt, sold, and did hard drugs. A friend of mine introduced me to a wolf sanctuary in the desert, because he knew the one thing I loved was wolves. I almost didn't go, because I was not enthused with the idea of seeing wolves behind fences, where I could not touch them. TO my amazement the owner let me in with them. I pet them, and it was amazing. Over the years of going there I learned a lot about wolves. They have the same capacities as dogs, to be our friends and companions. To love us even more than they love themselves. To devote themselves with fierce loyalty. I walked past a very large Canadian Tundra wolf for years before I began to feel a connection with him. He was the red tag wolf, the one nobody could go in with. He was separated from his pack because he was violent, and aggressive. I begged the owner of the sanctuary for weeks to let me in with him. No, i will get bit. No, he will mess me up. But I saw it in his eyes... And felt it in my spirit. He loved me. Eventually she caved, I sensed she would pull me out of there after he tore my clothes up, which he was fond of doing to people. But when I went in there, he was a gentlemen around me. He sniffed me wildly, his pupils dilated in a predator's gaze, his nose sucking in every air molecule around me, then he stopped and returned to his platform. I would know the devotion and love a wolf can have for a human because of this wolf. The reject wolf nobody wanted to go in and see. He became my best friend. My reason for living. One day I was at a friends' bone yard. (Yard for broken cars) I remember it like it happened a few days ago... God said, "Dave, if you continue on the path you are going. you are going to go to prison." My response was, "Yeah, so?" He said: "If you go to prison you will not see the wolf again." "Oh." I hadn't thought about that. God told me the same thing would happen if I died or got killed. No more wolf. That got my attention. I quit the drugs. I even cut friends out of my life- almost all of them in fact. I stopped selling drugs. I suffered with the cravings and desires, because he was more important. God used that wolf to save my life.
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