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  1. Clean RP is rare too. But it would be nice. And RP does help inspire stories and writings.
  2. Real name: Dave Other names: HugeWolf (feral wolf) or Timmie (anthro skunk) About your fursona: HugeWolf was my first fursona and what I identify myself with. He is feral, big but not macro and a big marshmallow. Being feral he could not speak. I then created Timmie, a happy go-lucky skunk. Timmie is small and skinny. Because of his size he tries to prove himself by doing so rather dangerous stunts. Because of his love of feral critters (especially the predator kind) his antics usually involve some big beast. His favorite stunt is trying to ride on the back of some big strong predator. This usually results in the skunk flying off rather violently. He is normally scared out his mind but he at least makes sure the beast is friendly before doing anything stupid. Age: At a con once a friend stated he was a grey-muzzle. I am a grey-muzzle to that grey muzzle. Gender: Male from birth Location: Winston-Salem, NC (not a southern native) Artist/Writer: Photographer. Been to any cons: I attended AC several times, FWA and MFM. Likes: Wolves, dogs and the outcast critters. Meaningful discussions, sense of humor Dislikes: Closed mindedness. Ignorance of the truth. Debates. Church Denomination: I attend a Baptist church. Working on verifying their Statement of Faith. Odd thing is that I was saved and became born-again in a Pentecostal Church.
  3. I have not seen anything recent postings but does anyone have a list of good CLEAN furry related books? The books I've read are the Redwall series and The Mistmantle Chronicles. All recently published "furry" books seem to be bent on adult themes.
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