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  1. Well howdy there! *puts down his coffee and offers handshake* Glad you found us! Take your shoes off and stay awhile.
  2. Welcome to the forums! No country music eh? (hides the banjo) coffee or mountain dew?
  3. Thanks for the kind words. I started out with a heavy metal bar for an anvil, a propane torch, a hammer and a set of vice grips. Just start doing it. The fancy stuff comes later.
  4. Beautiful work. You're very talented.
  5. So I see some other members on here posting up their artwork, and thought I'd give it a go. I don't draw, I blacksmith. Finally got my forge finished, and having a blast! A rose I made for my wife : My latest knife: Much more of my work is here on DeviantArt. http://pawsoutfitters.deviantart.com/# Just thought I'd share a bit.
  6. +1 on listening to Skillet! I've been following them since they began in the 90s. Been blessed enough to see then in concert multiple times as well. Kutless has enough great tunes out there to keep anyone happy. I also still listen to a band called Tables Of Stone which is unfortunately all but lost to Christian rock history
  7. Pulls up a chair, hands a full cup of coffee and smiles. Welcome, or should I say welcome back! Post away!
  8. Not late... you just know how to make an entrance! Thanks to you and everyone for the warm welcome!
  9. I just meant as far as being able to group multiple threads together (if its even possible) so as to give each commandment its own thread. Maybe a new subsection? Regardless, cool idea Poleposition16
  10. Welcome! *waves* I like your art! Coffee and nature are cool too...
  11. I like the idea, I'm sure its do-able with a moderator on board.
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