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  1. I am now officially open for commission work! YAY! Hopefully things will soon resemble some form of normal routine? Go here for details! http://www.camocruxstudio.com/
  2. well hai there! *huggles!* I am Kravix, the Camo Crux, pleased to meet you! if you ever wanna chat, play or whatever I'm on Skype unless I'm asleep! username is papermodel1
  3. Sometimes, especially when I am at church I get a devine inspiration for poetry... This one was today... I'm in awe of God And he's in all of me, In my soul, in my mind, And This carbon mass you see. He is my shield, and my sword. He's my list of who to ward. A guiding light In the darkest fight, Though trip I might, He is there! A constant in a world of change A contradiction beyond our range. Further than our limits of this age, He is there! Who are we, To say we be More than thee? We have wealth and freedom only to a degree. But when it was time to pay the fee He was there! When its time to move within this realm. I am the ship, with him at the healm. The enemy I shall overwhelm, For he is here! We are in awe of God And God is in all of we We are here Without fear To the end of this year And beyond...
  4. *sniffs around on Penter then looks in the mug* No... In fact none seems to be on you...
  5. hey now... Capitalist here... and that's not it at all, Capitalism is in fact the economic thesis that states; "businesses should be owned by the people" the idea is that even though you may have corrupt people, its better to have a few businesses of the masses corrupt instead of a corrupt government over all of them… businesses in which you do what you want, be self employed, etc only exist in a capitalist or capitalism-leaning system...
  6. Well, as I said 'or a fancy way of making a loophole for censorship' And just to throw it out here; making laws that will inhibit a competition's ability is stupid from a capitalist vantage point, especially in this circumstance as its techno-cultural innovation, progress in tech. tied heavily to the modernising push of pop-culture... In other words something that will be pushed no matter how hard or overpriced it is to get (IPhone for example). The damage that legislation will do will be to high a price to pay for a likely unsuccessful and immoral attack on competition... Besides Amizon is a huge company, if something like this was going on, then there would be a much bigger push in the opposite direction... [was unable to watch the video at the time I posted this, if you feel it does not apply then simply ignore it]
  7. all your included link says to me is "Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist." Likely not, and unless you have some proof that there are piggy-backing bills I don't think there are here, likely the bills are just good or fancy sounding but designed to make bureaucratic loop-holes in which censorship can be increased in some manor...
  8. *blushes a bright tone of green* THANKU! and as for Skype; text, voice or video, I can do it! ^ ,,^ *accepts the hug, grabbing tightly with arms and tail and SQUEEZING as hard as he can... which isn't much!* oh hugs... I love hugs... and what to we do with the love of God but share it?! ^ ,,^
  9. Real name: Nathaniel Other names: Kravix, Aura, CamoCrux, Papermodel, Detheros, Bocifis, About your fursona: Kravix, the Camo Crux Age: 18 Gender: Male Location: Northeastern Texas Email: don’t want to say… at least not at the time I am writing this, if you want to contact me the easiest way is through my skype; Papermodel1 IM: see above ^^ Web site(s): no personal site but POOF! Artist/Writer: sketch and sharpie artist, but I’m not too bad as a writer; or so they say… Style: a stylishly stylish style!!! Been to any cons: not until I get a ‘suite Fav. music: as long as its instrumental or with Christian lyrics and isn’t rap I’ll listen to it, Likes: new things, new people, the unknown, touch, intimacy, God, relationships, music, and being socially awkward. Dislikes: repeating beyond necessity, inefficiency, non-intimacy and a lack of keeping sacred things sacred Church Denomination: country-style Baptist Anything else: originally I was Detheros, yes, however I do not recall ever posting a new-member thread and in my absence as I have pressed closer to God and learned things through him and relationships with Christian friends I changed in MANY ways including my fursona who is now Kravix, the ‘Camo Crux’. In essence one can say that Detheros is the pre-salvation-me and Kravix is the post-salvation-me, I am a whole new fur compared to what I was. I am always online on Skype by the Name Papermodel1 if you wish to talk, play, vent or whatever (lol, though I am presently fasting from skype, and may in the future as well, I will be online again starting Aug. 6. 2014). I have a couple Christian furry skype groups if you are interested… (when I’m back online I can add you…) I also take a ‘from the internets’ prayer request sheet to the elders of my church every Wednesday, I will try to make a post weekly on Tuesday mornings under ‘Prayer Requests’ as a reminder when I get back in my groove (lol a lot has been going on lately) Love you! ^ ,,^—Kravix
  10. i would have to say my sister, you will never know her name, no she's not single nor is she furry, lol but man.....her paintings....... look like photographs....not exagerating.....at all....
  11. Picture is here; http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10566530/ Detheros Russian military mutant created from human and artifical dragon DNA using an unlucky arctic fox as a base (as in a captured actic fox was the living creature that got altered) he is actualy mostly reptilian and scaled but his scales are covered in short white fur the reason a fox was used as a base was for the sense of smell and hearing thus the head was left nearly unaltered to keep those abilities and yes, his tail is a bit thinner then it should be, I just didn't notice until after I had drawn him
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