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  1. The engineer in me remains skeptical that it could be built for $50, be more effective than a phase change cooling vest, and be less bulky as well. In order to SELL a product for $50, you have to BUILD it for $20 so that you have money left over to pay your taxes and your retailers. That means $15 in parts, and $5 in labor. If you work for $10 an hour, you need to make two complete vests in half an hour, including the sewing. Than, you have to convince everyone that it's better than this: http://www.polarproducts.com/polarshop/pc/viewCategories.asp?idCategory=16 I have one of these systems, and it fits underneath my costume and works good, for two to four hours. Then, a half-hour with the elements submerged in an ice chest will have it ready to go for another couple of hours. I don't see an electronic system having the capacity for sinking that many watts of heat in nearly as efficient of a manner. Of course, I am completely willing to be proven wrong via production of a demonstratable product! ...so design away!
  2. My costume is dedicated to service and outreach. Its what we principally use it for. Charity fundraisers, parades, outdoor community events, and festivals. As time goes by, I find that more people in my community know about and remember Tycho - and they tell me exactly where and when they've seen me perform before. Interestingly, I find it offers me the chance to occasionally witness to the joy that is found with a spirit-filled heart. I don't know where this road leads, but I have faith that God has something amazing planned. I thought you might find this little compilation fun and inspiring. After all, this is the website where I first saw how God can use this genre for growing within your faith. Tycho Aussie 2012 - Hold my Hand.
  3. Actually' date=' he's an old-timer. But aye, that suit is absolutely awesome. ^__^ [/quote'] :grabs cane and swings it: "old timer, indeed!" I might be a greymuzzle but I can still keep up with the young 'uns btw, did I mention I'm in the PhD Candidate program now? My students last semester nicknamed me "Bill Nye" and some students this semester want to do a rap video that includes Tycho as a science project but I'm unsure about that x.x
  4. Hello everyone! I've been way busy with a career change, taking care of my family, and learning the ins and outs of college life. One of the things that me and my three kids have been doing over the past ten months is volunteering as a freelance mascot in our community, at art festivals, parades, fundraisers, and even an event or two with our church. My kids are my handlers and photographers, and they have grown in responsibility plus seen the wonderful benefits of service. Tycho has been featured on our community news channel, been in the newspaper multiple times, and been awarded a plaque for "best first time entry", as well as the lead position for the Williamston Christmas light parade. We've been featured in our township's art festival and invited to return for this year as well. So here's a few pictures of Tycho Aussie, which started life as concept sketches in November, 2009. Special Thanks to Foxbunny for helping me along with some art ideas, back in January, 2010. So, here's Tycho Aussie, who we use almost exclusively for public fursuiting here in Mid-Michigan. There are no plans at this time to attend a furcon. The actual fabricator / builder of Tycho was Lilleah West of Beastcub Creations. http://tychoaussie.deviantart.com Its been an amazing tool for opening up and getting to know people. It's spread delight and wonder, and merriment, too! I've started running into people two, three times now and they usually have a story to tell about the first time they met Tycho. This weekend was no different. A woman approached me while I was running in our winter 5K race, and she told me about how her elderly mother, age 99, met me at the outdoor concert at the park and how I had spent time with them. Her mother smiled, and stroked Tycho's fur, and a few weeks later passed away. So, I may have a photograph, and the lady seemed quite thrilled to find out that there was a possibility of having that last memento. It's not one I've previously published, but I printed an 8 x 10 and will bring it to the township offices where she can pick it up. It's stuff like that which keeps popping up when we take Tycho Aussie out. ...and between the whimsical delight, and the songs we sing, and the dances I get to do in costume, we have on multiple occasions, been able to witness as to our faith and inspiration. And, This is how I use Tycho Aussie for service to our community. God put this upon my heart, and the blessings have been awesome.
  5. Hmmm... I don't know; Seems sorta over complex. I've discovered that with some practice, a subtle little move can make a non-motorized tail wag just fine. Then over time, I've discovered that those subtle little moves can become habit and your tail wags with mood with hardly any thought about it.
  6. thanks for the welcome, Levi, Direlda, foxbunny, and everyone else, I cram so much into a day nowdays, I'm no longer working as lead engineer at the small aerospace company that I used to be at, though I still have a key and an open invitation to stop by to pick up a few hours. Instead, I am full-time GTA at the university, and I am enrolled in the PhD program of Geophysics. In a few weeks I will probably make my first trip to Moscow to do some seismic research work on calibration methods. I'm also doing some community volunteer work along with my children, and we entertain the public at festivals, parades, senior centers, and such with my fursuit. Now that my wife has seen Tycho Aussie in real life and observed our mission and people's happy reactions, she seems to be much happier and secure. I am sure that these new turns of events are a response from God, and the new friends it has brought into our lives, the development opportunities it has given our kids, the actual chance to witness about the miracles which can be explained no other way, it's been amazing to see. Our adventure is just begun, and I will tell you about it more some other time. Time for me to get ready for tomorrow, --Cheers,
  7. Hello everyone, I just thought I would pop in and say hello, I haven't checked in since February of 2011, per an agreement I made with my wife, but things are quite a bit better in our relationship now. So I don't think she'll mind if I wave at you all and smile a toothy grin once & a while. :waves: -Wolvy
  8. From one of my favorite bible books.
  9. I saw no effeminate traits in either portrait, FWIW. I thought it looks nice, though in the last version, the scale of the torso versus head was maybe a titch bit off - a slightly larger head would've made it work just fine.
  10. Little Green Men, by Steve Vai. This one's on my mind today.
  11. Well, I don't really know what to say, other than a reassurance that it's on the level and purely just for fun and Christian fellowship.
  12. This litle ditty's been bangin' around me furry little noggin for most of the day today. Dee-na-mit-eh! Be Prepared
  13. Sounds like fun, I'm in!
  14. G'Day! Yes, these folks on CF are welcoming and very good group to be with. It sounds like you and I have similar experiences in "just finding" that there's a name for our mindset. I always thought I was the only one & didn't stumble across furry until just one year ago.
  15. I must say, I looked at several of those videos and it does look like a pretty cool game. Those of you that know me realize it's gotta be really, really cool for me to be tempted. Welcome to Christianfurs!
  16. Wolvy

    I'm Not Dead...

    It's a modern psalm, and lifts me up to hear it and know that we all share the same struggles from time to time. I'm also currently in a low spot of life right now so I can really relate, Kail. You are right to see that the journey is not over and is long, with highs and lows. There's sometimes some deep, dark valleys that we cross and at other times, the narrow dim path leads us unknowingly out through a mountain pass, the grey clouds part, and a grand vista awaits to make us gasp and see the glory of God. Thanks, mate~ I hope we see that vista together some day
  17. Dea got ahold of me this evening and presented me with this nice piece of art. We made an agreement several months ago, and here's the final result. It showcases who *I* am, and the pure sense of fun I get in doing crazy things like riding oversized, overpowered dirtbikes... like this Yamaha WR500. Thanks, Dea!
  18. Blame it on Julia Wolf - SHE's the one who has been poking at the server!
  19. Wolvy

    New drawing!

    Lucario's my favorite. Heck, I've even dreamed about being him once
  20. Pseudostream Physiognomy (The art of judging human character by their facial features) Raziel (The Secret of my God)
  21. Oh, that is indeed a cool, classic video. IIRC, I seen that one on MTV about half a lifetime ago.
  22. Absolutely, Flech. You want to extract it and post it to a more public place, go right ahead. I'll PM you the FTP information.
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