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    I am fairly sure this project is no longer active. And no, he won't be doing those commissions.
  2. Hei da! I just wanted to put this idea of mine out there, as it would be beneficial to both you and me! I have this tendency to rarely finish a piece that I am working on... that is unless I am making the piece for someone else. See what I am getting at? I would love to do commissions for any of you as it would keep me drawing, improving my skills and drive me to get some work done! I only do commissions for free, and, if you find my feeble style worthy of your drawing needs, give me shout. However, should you be in the giving mood, I wouldn't mind a llama or two on Deviantart :3 Just a quick note, I really only usually do feral and it's what I'm used to, but hey, I'm flexible. http://fahali.deviantart.com/ Warmest regards, Fahali
  3. Hei da, hit me up. Steam ID: amaienshein Warmest regards, Fahali
  4. Hei da! Just extending a brief greeting. I look forward to getting to know many of you in the near future. I was really quite excited when I stumbled upon CF on DA. I suppose you could say I am relatively new to the furdom, but I feel like I've been one for quite some time, I just never had a name for it before. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I am currently attending a small private college half an hour north of Pittsburgh, PA, studying Visual Communications and hoping to attend art school at some point. Warmest regards, Fahali
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