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  1. Thanks for the warm welcomes Yuumichi, Fackel, and Robin!
  2. Thanks for the welcomes Riddle Ryland and Koshka
  3. Thanks Carson Coyote and Kail. Its good to be back. *hugs you both back*
  4. Thanks Fahn and yes hello Flechmen
  5. Real name: David Other names:Voltomere/Volt/Volty, Orpheus, Amadeus, Ducky About your fursona: Voltomere, is a white wingless anthro dragon. He also walks digitigrade. His chest and belly are blue, and this color continues along the bottom of his tail. His eyes are also blue. Two horns adorn his head. He has Lightning and electric shock powers. Nicknames that he answers to are Volt or Volty. Age:20 Gender:Male Location: My house IM: Skype= Orpheus850, please let me know who you are Artist/Writer: Sometimes I draw I guess Style: Abstract and reandom scribbles Been to any cons: Nope but I waould love to Fav. music: I listen to a lot of music but lately I have been listening to alot of Dubstep. Likes: Furry, music, dancing, running, swimming, biking, hiking, and good friends Dislikes: Haters Church Denomination: Catholic Anything else: I was here formerly as Orpheus and have decided that it was time to come back. I thought that it would be good to update my introduction thing too. If you have any questions feel free to put them in the thread below.
  6. Antlers could be a cool touch. I would have to see it but it might allow your character to look more masculine while keeping the same look that you have going on right now.
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