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  1. It went really well! Most fun I've had in quite a while
  2. I made it into the choir at my university earlier this semester and tonight's the night of my first concert with them! I'm excited :3 I've never done anything quite like this before; previously the only choral experience I had with choirs was some silly little songs for plays at my church when I was about 12 or 13. We're performing Mozart's Requiem Mass (K.626) with a full orchestra and it's absolutely phenomenal, and so much fun <3 If you've never heard it before I highly recommend you look it up on YouTube. It's well worth the 50ish minutes it takes to listen to the whole thing. Or if you don't want to take that much time just listen to my personal favorite movement, the Dies Irae: My vocal range is baritone, by the way, so I'll be singing with the basses :3
  3. That looks really neat, I'm excited to see what'll look like with eyes and fur and antlers 'n such :3
  4. koshi

    Pokemon X & Y

    So who's got the current best handheld game on the market right now? My friend code's 0962-9851-1649 Err, how do you add somebody to your friends list on Pokemon X/Y? I have several 3DS friends who've been playing the game (sometimes even at the same time I was) but my friends list on there is still empty...:s
  5. Yaaay kitties~ And you're the first person I've met who knows what an Abby cat is
  6. Hey, some of y'all may actually remember me...;3 Real name: Mike Other names: Koshka, Koshka Rytsar, koshi, Hikari About your fursona: More of a character than a fursona, I guess. I kinda have different little characters that represent different sides of me; the one I usually roll with though is named Hikari (and is actually a girl, because girls are cool ) Age: 21 Gender: Bro Location: Alabama Email: [email protected] IM: Does skype count? mike.mcgee79 Web site(s): http://www.furaffinity.net/user/koshkarytsar/ Artist/Writer: I draw every now and then. I'm more of a musician though. Style: I'm like a punk hipster musician wierdo...if you're asking how I dress. Been to any cons: Nyupe Fav. music: Oh gosh, too much...I wanna eventually be a soundtrack composer, so I listen to a lot of soundtracks (Man of Steel!!!), but I love alternative rock, indie, techno, even a country song or a rap song here and there. Likes: Jesus, My amazing college group at church <3, cats, music, video games, movies, anime Dislikes: Abortion (a.k.a. murder), objectification of women, racism, sexism, wasps, rapcore/nu-metal Church Denomination: Southern Baptist (on paper, anyways) Anything else: myauuu~
  7. Okay, so I finally got the operating system (after about three weeks of shipping mishaps and such), but I can't really seem to get the computer to recognize that this disk is in the drive. :/ Even with the disc in the disc drive, it still just gives me the same screen I posted a picture of earlier. And the keyboard doesn't seem to have any effect (yes, it is plugged in all the way). Does it matter which SATA port on the motherboard that I plugged the drive in to? Also, I'm not sure how to get into the BIOS settings of the motherboard, especially with the keyboard not working... EDIT: The keyboard works fine when I plug it into my laptop, but it won't do anything other than light up when plugged into the desktop. I can't even turn Caps lock on or anything. EDIT: Okay, I borrowed my mom's keyboard, and the computer will respond to that one (it's not a USB keyboard) but all it does when I "press a key" like it's asking me to is just go down a line and repeat the exact same message. I'm so lost on this right now..... :( AND ANOTHER EDIT!: Norzman showed me how to get to the BIOS settings, it's looking now like the CD/DVD drive isn't plugged in all the way or something because the HDD is the only thing that shows up on the SATA connections (thank you Norzie :3) AND ANOTHER EDIT!: Turns out that's what it was. I'm installing Windows 7 now. Crisis averted xP
  8. I'd be up for playing as soon as I get the operating system for my new computer
  9. Ça va bien, merci. Et toi? J'ai un cours de français cette semestre. Je parle français un peu.
  10. Bonjour et bienvenue. That's quite an impressive length to your writing (at least to me, anyway). I have to force myself to write a 2-page paper for classes.
  11. Okay, I've got the whole thing put together and I have all of the parts except for the operating system (which I've ordered). When I start the computer, it runs for a few seconds, then gives a short little beep (which I think means it's passed the POST, right?) and then goes to this screen: (This isn't a picture I took of my monitor, just a picture I found from searching, but I get exactly the same thing) Is this normal? Also it doesn't seem to respond when I push keys on the keyboard (admittedly I haven't tried very many keys or combinations of keys), but the keyboard I have is a USB keyboard, I don't know if that will make a difference.
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