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  1. awww thanks' date=' I wish I could have seen it being drawn. I would have loved that, now I got to wait to see her draw the backside then. Glad you like how it came out. :3 Well I told you that I knew what I was doing in the first place, I am very picky about artist and how my money is spent. Glad you enjoy the final look. Now for the backside ^^
  2. Looks really good, nice to see another scaley piece. ^^
  3. Yay! It's finished! here is the final front pose for my sona fully rendered! I will send the other pose when she does it, but for now I am just so happy seeing my sona fully rendered and brought to life. I hope you all like it ^^
  4. Hmmm, we are beginning to wrap up the coloration. And at this point i think my sona has reached the point that I had envisioned in my mind all these years. I felt that it was a little lacking before and i told her to freestyle a little bit with the colors to see if she could think of something fitting. In all honesty I like the second one more, but I also want your opinions on this as well. Which do you like more? And what are your comments on it?
  5. Thank you guys! I really am happy that you all like how it's turning out. There is still a lot to work on but overall i think it is shaping up well. I hope you like the final piece when it's all done. ^^
  6. She has fixed the nose and has now begun to work on coloring the body, so far everything looks good and I am just loving the color pattern. Needs something for the foot paws, plain black is a little too stale for me. Any opinions so far?
  7. Thanks guys! She is almost done with the concept. She helped work out the bony appearance that I had before and gave a little more meat to the body. The only last gripe i have is the snout, which is too muzzle like and lacks the normal conical look of a skink. So she is working on that and if it looks good i think its' safe to say i can move on to the next step actually having it drawn! I can't wait to have it colored, it's going to be lovely since she is doing this all with computers for the last bit ^^ Before: After:
  8. Ok so some quick sketches have been done for me to help get things going. The first image is a bit too realistic for my taste, a few hours later she came back with the second image with the corrections. Still needs some work since the body is a little too thin and starved looking. But overall i think this is a good start so far.
  9. I know it is, but i have always been a fan of quality over quantity. To me i figure it is best to go big or go home. I suppose that's why i don't get too many people wanting to spend 1.5K for me to build them a PC lol. But thank you for your blessings in hoping this turns out well ^^
  10. The artist does very beautiful and detailed work. Given that a reference requires several well drawn pictures I expected the price tag to be far higher. But the level of detail in her artwork is astoundingly beautiful and i have always been a deep lover of art. And the money isn't too much of a deal, I have already saved up $50 in just one week from small tips, driving people around, selling small PC parts, or helping people with their computer issues. So in 4 more weeks i can pay her in full, it'll be a while either way but she has informed me that there will be some very rough drawings soon for me to make some decisions to tweak. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rhyu/ Here is a good example of what drew me to her art style:
  11. Good news! I am getting my first reference sheet done! I am so excited, I have never had this done before. It's going to cost around $250 but it will be well worth it. Wish me luck everyone, I am so excited and I will show you progress pictures along the way. ^^
  12. SimonTheDigger


    Ah looks good Norzman! You are are such a great artist, I always enjoy your work that you do for me. Thanks man! ^^
  13. You did a very good job too Sakiki, well done!
  14. Looks cute Norzman, good work again. :heart:
  15. Norzman is VERY good. He does very cute artwork and I think you will love it.
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