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  1. Hello, and a pleasure to meet you!
  2. Oh man - Addison Road is one of the best bands I know! Really able to convey their love of God and passion into their music! Another band I really like is 'Worth Dying For' (a modern praise/worship group). If you like sort of heavier music, 'Savior' by them is really good. Another great one is 'My Glorious' ; it isn't as heavy, but I really love the lyrics and the meaning behind it! Worth Dying For is the band I use to pump myself up for the day and get in some worship time as I drive to school every morning; an awesome way to get my focus on God and not on the stresses of the day!
  3. Hiya, and a pleasure to meet you!
  4. Hello, and a pleasure to meet you!
  5. Hello, and a pleasure to meet you!
  6. Pleasure to meet you! (I apologize for the late response!)
  7. Welcome back! I think this is our first time meeting, and a pleasure to meet you!
  8. Looks nice!!! Great job so far!
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