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  1. This is a direct reply to Rukh's post on my previous topic. I am posting here, because he felt that my response should be private. When it comes to a matter such as this, I believe administrators should be accountable, and all discussions made public so that there is no question as to what is being said. Yes, I have a problem. But, the first thing that happens when I return is to have someone pull out part of a post that I believed to be quite valid. Also, as I'm sure you've been talking about me and fully understand what has happened, I did not threaten the security of the board, not then, not now. What I did was release malicious information to the one whom that information was about. I have no problem admitting that. And, yes, I broke the rules. But when you think about it, something like that, talk like that, shouldn't be hidden. As for quite recently, I simply mention that I could have been on still if staff had allowed additional transparency, which as I can tell, there have been no changes. I fully expect the administrators to be speaking poorly of me. It's what has been proven and demonstrated. Putting the edits back in, there is no rule listed about that. Yes, I read the rules. I believe the users of CF should know just what the administrators do, or, don't do. As for returning to cause drama, no. I was giving you a chance. It really does annoy me that you don't even acknowledge a major flaw in standard moderation and administration policies and practices. You tell me not to make this a public drama ordeal. Your choice what this turns into. It can become a serious discussion about the flaws in your policies and practices. Or, you can turn it into a drama show and turn me into a monster. I'm hoping you'll be smart and use this as a chance to admit that you need improvement. If you want to turn me into a monster, that's your choice, but when it comes down to it, you need to understand, this is a major issue. When you do not address problems properly, just as you are now, or simply deal with issues without thinking or trying to resolve them, that's where you are going to crumble, fall, and fail. Miserably. How many times have you, the staff, done something without considering how to better resolve the issue at hand? If you're smart, you will not leave this issue unattended.
  2. I don't even know why he locked it. I just reported his post, which would probably go back to him, and then posted this.
  3. Once again, it seems moderators are doing the exact same thing as they have always been doing. I had posted on a thread, noting that Norzman had made it to the administration team. Great for him. I also made a note to the other two administrators that if they had been more willing to keep themselves accountable and generally allow for more transparency, they could have had two admins, not just one. Needless to say, it would appear that some of the staff didn't like it, calling it "passive aggressive." First off, I do not believe it is passive aggressive. I naturally edited the post back, assuming that the main moderator, Rukh, misinterpreted the post. He later made another edit, also putting in a note that it was a passive aggressive post. He also left this wonderful little note for me. Crude? Childish? Look who's talking. I later made a post, talking about how you should keep your friends close, and how you should stand up for them. You can read the full post here: http://christianfurs.net/topic/7760-keep-your-friends-close/ It too, was locked. This was done without reason, without need. This post did not violate any regulations. Rukh's actions, quite simply, are not becoming of a moderator. I had edited in, "That was aggressive?", and Rukh merely removed my question from the post. I also documented each event with a screenshot, logged with time. How childish and crude is this behavior, being demonstrated by a moderator? In fact, if he is telling the truth when he says that Adair had removed the post, which he may have only done once, the entire staff. Simply refusing to accept that mistakes have been made, and attempting to cover it up. I highly recommend the staff fix the flaws, accept their mistakes, and move on. This is getting ridiculous.
  4. Nice work there, Norz. Mod edit: Passive aggressive remarks that only serve to cause drama will not be tolerated, remarks removed. Thread locked.
  5. You can also use the Report button on the bottom-right corner of any post to report it for review. Says report, looks like this: http://christianfurs.net/images/Notebook//english/postbit_report.gif
  6. Sounds simple enough. Might I suggest: 5. Each individual is permitted one account, and one account only . Creation of multiple accounts will result in one of them being removed, and may result in a ban. (a) Changed to: "-- and one account only. Creation of multiple accounts will result in one or more of them, including all but one, being removed, and may result in a ban. (a)" or "--will result in the additional accounts being removed--" Thinking of the situation of someone making say, five accounts. Removing one will still leave the person with four.
  7. I went to change my mood, it was set for Wasted. Why is my mood never the same as where I last put it? As far as I can remember, I've never changed it to that, and I've never been drunk (enough) to be able to do anything without remembering it.
  8. School administration isn't helping at all, as normal. I'm making sure to record the conversations we have tho, so that might help later. It was off when I got to it, and the last entry was maybe 8 minutes prior. The unit was plugged in and battery fully charged when I got to it.
  9. 9.02 - The Multimedia Class Scheduler service entered the running state. 9.08 - The operating system started at system time ‎2012‎-‎04‎-‎27T13:07:59.375199800Z. 9.08 - File System Filter 'FileInfo' (6.1, ‎2009‎-‎07‎-‎13T19:21:51.000000000Z) has successfully loaded and registered with Filter Manager. 9.08 - The previous system shutdown at 9:02:58 AM on ‎27/‎04/‎2012 was unexpected. 9.08 - The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.
  10. I'm working on something at school, I believe a teacher forced my computer to shut down when I wasn't around. What evidence would there be to show whether the shutdown was by holding the power button as opposed to simply crashing? I saw the error screen at startup saying that the machine didn't shut down properly, asking me what to do. I didn't see anything else on startup. Just wanted to get a second opinion to back up my theory.
  11. @ Wolfin - Regarding that server change, how much downtime or changes should be expected for that?
  12. You got a virus? Or an antivirus? To format your hard drive, you need only create a boot disk, Linux works best, boot into Linux, and while your at it you can install if you want. If you don't want Linux permanently installed, simply find your hard drive, and format it. Be sure you have EVERYTHING you need before you do this. By resetting to factory settings? Dunno. If my computer ever gets a problem, I simply clean it up in Linux. If you have an installation CD for your existing OS, you could use that. Depending on what you use your computer for, Linux may be a better alternative anyways. Yeah, I'm a linux freak. I'm just not quite yet willing to give up all my software.... Anyways, as for resetting your computer with existing stuff? Best I can figure is format your hard drive and reinstall whatever OS you happen to be running. Before you totally give up, you could try cleaning up your computer when using a boot disk. Suggesting again Linux because it's easy to get and create a boot disk for, you can download an antivirus that runs on Linux here: http://www.clamav.net/lang/en/download/packages/packages-linux/ Hopefully you can get something useful out of this.
  13. Heyhey! Welcome. You're from Canada? We have a few from around here, er, there.... Either one.
  14. *votes* Either one works for me, same for you or us. Just tell me when it is and I should be able to make it.
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