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  1. Heya! I'm still new here, but I'm pretty shure this This is against the rules... LOL! Here is a link
  2. please explain this... I do agree... I am rather new to this.... and still do need practice, all I know is what I learn in school... THANX FOR THE FEEDBACK! I'm not alloud to watch cartoons, but I'm pretty shure thats a quote from spongebob? Also, Could annyone give me a few pointers, I'd like to know what I do right, what I do wrong. Like Foxbunny... Tnx in advance! Also,Please understand that English is not my mother toung.... Ek's 'n Afrikaans spreukende Boerseun....
  3. A Random poem I wrote and finished. Life: A twisty road... Where are we going? Do we even know? Does the road even lead anywhere? Sometimes we go to fast... Sometimes; not fast enough... Sometimes we get lost in te curves, Sometimes, someone endures it whith you Most of the time, we're completely alone... What's waiting for us at the end? In the end does it matter? Have we all mindlessly follwed the mainstream, for something we don't even want? Will the end justify the pain it took to get there? Will it all be for nothing? Do we really want to be nothing? Do we truly endure this treturous road alone? One small bump could take you forever, one shortcut could cost eternity... We often find ourself cold and alone, We often find ourself a long way from home... But, are we always alone....? Who watched you come to life? Who watched you grow up? Who created you in just one night? Who was there when no one else? Who was there when you could not sleep? Who always listerns to your problems Who gives you solutions! Friends and family is a comfort.. But NONE come close to Yahweh's love... NONE will exist whithout his power! When the end of the road lingers close, You better hope your story's right The Creator knows your truth, The Creator knows the light! When your end is in sight, Is it the destination you hoped for? Is it where you wanted to be? Or is it another pitstop That lasted eternity... to clarify 1) Yahweh is GOD's real name, in the King James bible it's wrongly translated from the Hebrew יהוה or YHWH 2) I'm not a Jehovah's witness... Tell me what you think....
  4. Hiya all! Thanx for the welcome's! Nyoof...? Haha very thoroughly thought thrue! does the dog in you sometimes whant to chase the cat Tyger the Tigerwolf†? @ LeviWolstrom†. I hope i reach your expectations! @ LeviWolstrom† Here in SA it has become populat to say AWE! (aawhe -> pronounced like this) @ Drgy† Haha sorry to hear bout that, why do they keep failing? 0_o @ flechmen HE HAS COFFEE DIVE DIVE DIVE! @ Wolfheart1002† Is that French? MOENIE MY MAAK AFRIKAANS PRAAT NIE! (dont make me speak Afrikaans...) I have a friend that speaks French... all i know is Bonjour is hello... @ XarZyth† Thanx! Is it hard to get accepted? where are you studying? Where I whant to study thi Minimun acceptance grade is an A.... *sigh* BUT I trust God WILL help me to get through! I heard the first three years is mostly just science... and Math *shivers* Anyway THANX TO YOU BUNCH FOR MAKING ME FEEL WELCOME! NB PS... If it feels to you that I'm slow at replying, I promice you, it isn't you, It is the timezones.... (had to put my phone on silent, to you guyz it wad midday, to me it was 1 in the morning!) C soon!
  5. Thanx Carson... ya like doing tuat dont ya.... Thanx! Hmm. is that a fursuite I spy as your Profile Pic?
  6. ... I feel sleepy already! Thanx! I feel welcome already! PS. I only now se how many mistakes I made, I blame touch screen Tecnology.... Sorry 'bout that! :-/
  7. Real name: Iwan Greyling Other names:... Adagio? About your fursona: My fursona is a Light blue Snow Leopard whith spiky Neon blue tipped headfur... Age: I turn 17 in 9 days time... Gender: I am male Location: I live is South Africa, you have one other zafur aroumd here that moved to America... Email: just PM me... IM: I do not have IM as of yet... Web site(s): Nope... Artist/Writer: I am a writer, but due to Matric, dont have much time to write, I'm currently working on a crime thriller, I'll post something later... Style:... I used to write whithout planning, but then I realized how bad my storys were coming out... Been to any cons: Unfortunately, in south africa there is to few furs to arrange a con, there is a fur meet every now and then, but thats about it... Fav. music: I lime Rave, and Tecno, I also like Afrikaans music like Die Heuwels Fantasties... Likes: I like Electronics, I want to studu at UP to become an Electronical Engineer... Dislikes: Not much.... Church Denomination: None, we dont belive in denominations... we simply prais God, YAWHEH Anything else: I am pretty shy, but give me a few days, and I'll come out... PS due to the Time differance, you will propably get a Delay in my posts.... While your typing franticly on your keybord, I'mm sleeping soundly in my cave.....
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