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Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

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Dear Jesus,


Father I just want to thank You for all the dreams and talents You've given us,for they are big and beautiful. Others may think that they seem impossible,or different, but they don't understand that You gave us these brilliant gifts that we wish to use them to Glorify You, Lord.

For those who are under the pressure of people judging them,or picking on them for their dreams, I pray that You help them to see just how awesome and amazing these dreams and talents are,and how so many good things can come out of them.

Jesus,I pray that You help give those with dreams the inspiration and motivation to keep going. Please encourage them just as You've encouraged me. Nothing is impossible with You,Lord. No matter how big it may be in this world,or how complicated some people may think it is,I have faith that anything can be successfully done with You.

Lord I also pray that You help all of those who are having a real hard time right now. Help comfort them and give them peace. :heart:


I love you Lord,and in Jesus' name,


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