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  1. woot woooo!!!! I'm not the only one!! lol
  2. 'One' by mike bowling...as its gonna be one of our wedding songs.
  3. do you download all these games off the internet? There could be a chance you downloaded a trojen or something. how long has it been since you updated your virus protection? Viruses can cause your computer to continually do that.
  4. thats so pretty. I love it
  5. I'll be your friend as well. And welcome to the forums
  6. I dont really care to much for metal, christian or not, I'd rather listen to something gospel that I can understand the words to withou having to try.
  7. Mainstream I think ends next year -- extended goes on until April' date=' 2017 (it needs to die quicker!). Yeah, Win 7 is currently my favorite MS OS. I think given it has support through 2020, business will get it and sit on it like they did with XP. /Robin Windows 7 is my favorite as well, i find it easier to use, and more convienient. I used to have vista on a laptop, but i didnt like it I thought it had a lot of issues. So when i got my new desktop a few years ago I went to windows 7. Now I think i'll stick with that, not to eager to go to windows 8
  8. I liked it I think it was a good poem. Its offical you get to right my 6 page report for my english class lol hehe I'm kidding!
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