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  1. Fahn

    Dark Souls 3

    Who else is hyped?!
  2. Fahn

    Crash Bandicoot and iNinja

    I pretty much only play Dark Souls
  3. Fahn

    Beware of a Skype Scam

    I get those on Skype all the time. It's fun to mess with them because they're bots.
  4. Fahn

    Rating Music

    Honestly not a fan at all of contemporary Christian music. I do like the folksy/bluegrass elements to it, but it's just not my cup of tea. Then again, my music isn't most peoples' cup of tea, either. Deep Forest - Viva Madikeri
  5. Any artwork of the characters?
  6. Fahn

    New :3

    Hihi :3 *bleats*
  7. Hrraiusg'mhaat!

    1. Spirit Bear

      Spirit Bear

      What does that mean? It looks like Tagalog.

  8. Fahn


    8D I love it!
  9. Fahn

    Laptop Broken

    Right after I get a tablet too... cruel irony. Anyway, the computer boots, but the screen is black and caps lock blinks once a second. I have an HP. Anyway, I read that the blinking and black screen means the CPU needs reseating. What does that mean? If it means having to get a new laptop, I can kiss my tablet goodbye.
  10. Fahn

    andchat help

    ah, I see. I was putting the address in wrong. thanks Flech :3
  11. Fahn

    andchat help

    Elaborate please, as I am still lost. XD It keeps telling me that the host is unresolved...
  12. Fahn

    andchat help

    How do you set up christianfur's channel through andchat?
  13. Fahn

    Looking for Xbox Live Furs...

    * norzman5 hugs Flechmen /me does too
  14. Fahn

    Yoho~ :3

    Welcome :3
  15. Fahn

    A young fur new to the forum!

    Welcome to teh forumz :3