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Friday, July 1, 2011

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Our Father,


I know that there are many here, myself included, who struggle with sin and temptation in their lives. I understand that there are those who need guidance, self-control, and healing. There are those who need reassurence, strength, and support from others.


I pray that all of these needs can be met, and that Your will be done.


I've seen and experienced amazing things over these past few days, and the other night I felt an incredible moving of the Holy Spirit. I pray, in Your Name, that people will be saved, wounds, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, will be healed, minds can be set at ease and that troubled hearts can feel peace even in the midst of chaos.


And Lord... thank you for opening my eyes to see my purpose, my worth, and to see that anything is possible in your name. I pray that others can also see the value in their lives.


We love you with all of our hearts, Lord, and I ask that you continue to guide and direct us in Jesus' name,



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