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  1. VC_Wolffe

    Good day

    Hey there! Welcome to the forums. I'm on steam tool, what kind of games do you have? I love dragons! X3
  2. VC_Wolffe


    Hello there and welcome! ^^
  3. VC_Wolffe

    Buddy list?

    Yea ummm.....I have never used it so I wouldn't know. XD
  4. VC_Wolffe

    So, Aspiring Novelists you have encouraged me...

    Yea im fairly certain I have you on Skype. Didn't we do a few RPs together? One portal themed? And another fallout themed? And you said you like feet? =P Unless that was a different fruit bat I met? Ghost writting is more then just one person writting a book. It works on many levels. Basicly it's just someone who helps people get their ideas onto paper, help edit, refine it and such. What ever they would need.
  5. VC_Wolffe

    So, Aspiring Novelists you have encouraged me...

    Ironicly English was my strongest subject...even my teahers were a bit taken aback. Took awhile for me to get my parents to belive it...lol But anyway, I do some Ghost writting on the side. I happen to have one slot open. Would love to help you out. And I already have you on Skype. ^^
  6. VC_Wolffe


    Lol wow! That explains it! I wish it was that easy!
  7. VC_Wolffe

    Batttlefield anyone?

    I got 1942, secret weapons of WW2 road to roam and Vietnam that's it.
  8. VC_Wolffe


    Hey there welcome!
  9. VC_Wolffe


  10. VC_Wolffe

    Lion! Incoming!!!

    Philosophy! FTW! ^^ *Pounces the fluffy lion!* Welcome! Have you ever explored the symbolism in Alice and wonder land? I'm reading it right now and it's pretty cool!
  11. VC_Wolffe

    A village in fear

    Lol at first I was like. O.o then I was like. >.> Then I was all like ^^ Funny stuff you got there!
  12. VC_Wolffe


    Lol I used to...again really old game...things like second life and such kind made it useless...
  13. VC_Wolffe

    What was the most recent game you played?

    GTA IV! With the zombie invasion mod! And the law enforcement mod. Lol Minecraft. half life, all the games.... Sims 3 anthro mod Amnisa ( is that how you spell it?)
  14. VC_Wolffe

    Hello, I'm new.

    welcome Todd! ^^ *Glomps and hugs*
  15. VC_Wolffe

    Instant chat Dungeon master... your thoughts

    West Coast Baby! lol Pacific Time US/Canada