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  1. Is there an actual guess who post here? One where we can actually play.
  2. I love it! You're so lucky! I'm still saving up for one.
  3. If you have an Xbox One, I mainly play on there. I play a lot of Destiny, SW: Battlefront, and Black ops 3. But I'll play 360 now and then as I have way more games on there. Gamertag is MrStealYourKill with an i at the end if you want to add me.
  4. Having to work to get a new phone now.

  5. Sometimes it feels like no one cares.

  6. Okay how about this, I'm experiencing a feeling that I don't understand yet. You say why am I here if I don't care about friends? All I really want to do is help others, and talking is more than just saying words, obviously.

  7. Not much at the moment...

  8. I help others, but when it comes to my own problems, I tend to have to help myself. Which, don't get me wrong, I'm okay with that haha.

  9. Nah you're definitely good at introductions, and don't worry about about not being able to draw well, I draw terrible haha. If you want to get better just keep practicing and pray to God because God can do anything . It's very nice to meet you and if you need something, don't be shy to talk to any one of us, we're all willing to help each other .
  10. It's weird, I've been getting pissed off for no reason.

  11. Life is boring for me at the moment

  12. There is a light that not even the darkness can extinguish

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