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  1. Oren_Otter

    New user: Bogro

    Because we are a multiple personality system and we are only allowed one account between us. I thought we made that clear.
  2. Oren_Otter

    Ignore filter problems

    I did. I told him that if I'm not allowed to get you off my back, then it's his responsibility.
  3. Oren_Otter

    Ignore filter problems

    How convenient for a mod who enjoys fighting.
  4. My ignore filter has apparently been disabled.
  5. Oren_Otter

    Hello, my (user)name is Malredar

    Welcome, Malredar.
  6. Oren_Otter

    New user: Phil Harrison

    No. I cook for myself. In the real world, as Fnaire mentioned, it's difficult to find insects that are edible.
  7. Hi there. I've been sitting and watching Oren and Fnaire and Bogro post to the forum like crazy, so I thought I'd give it a try. My name is Phil Harrison. I'm a rooster and a nurse. Born: As weird as it sounds, I wasn't born, or even hatched, I had my origins in a dream and just hung around after the dream ended. Marital status: Single and looking, which is unlikely to change any time soon. Occupation: Nurse at the Uncanny Valley Hospital for Doctor F. Merideth Zimmerman. Cons: I did attend RMFC last year, but with so many of us there, I didn't get much face time. Artistic talents: As an artist, I'm a terrific nurse. Favorite foods: Corn chips, cricket crunchies and coffee. Denomination: I'm not really sure. Baptist, I suppose. Any questions?
  8. Oren_Otter

    New Member - Ellie Dachshi

    Hello. My name is Bogro. We have not met, but I have heard a great deal about you. It is an honor to finally make your acquaintance.
  9. Oren_Otter

    New user: Bogro

    Hello. I am Bogro. I am a recently created alter of the Brass Menagerie. Though I have only existed for a short time, I have extensive memories of my life as a scientist in my home cell, Atranac. It has been very lonely for me in the Uncanny Valley. The cell I now dwell in has no other viruses, not even an alkari. I have tried to make friends within the Valley, but while the people are friendly enough, they are like reflections of myself, and through no fault of theirs, they leave me wanting. Thus, I thought it good to look for friends here, on the internet. I very much like the format of the internet. Users share information though a network outside of their bodies, much like the data network of a cell which holds the minds of its viruses. I am aware that both I and my life must seem very strange. I would very much like to tell you all about both as I learn more about each of you. Thank you very much for the opportunity to socialize with you. I expect you will not be disappointed. Real name: Bogro About your fursona: I am an Atranac Virus. I have a friendly face with large, oval eyes and floppy fins. Age: Only a few months by macroscopic time. Gender: None Location: The Uncanny Valley Been to any cons: No, but i hope to do so soon. Fav. music: The cry of the soul to God Likes: Science, puppies Dislikes: Interferon Church Denomination: I suppose you might call me a follower of Misa, our name for Jesus.
  10. Oren_Otter

    Trying to find specific fur

    I was going to suggest Joann's, but I guess not.
  11. Oren_Otter

    New Here

    Delighted to meet you.
  12. Oren_Otter

    New member: Izzy Harris

    Hi, Mom!
  13. Oren_Otter

    Hello. I am Savvat

    Zdravstvuytye, little red dog.
  14. Oren_Otter

    ChAoS oTtEr

    Hi! Good to see you again under better circumstances.
  15. Oren_Otter

    Hello, I'm Fnaire.

    Thank you! I'm definitely bookmarking this!