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  1. Quin

    I wantz a new game.

    I used to play Runescape like you, but then i just got bored of it X3 I dunno, maybe I'll start playing it again if some one wants to play with me :3
  2. Quin

    Haro, there!

    Welcome! Feel free to add me on Skype are Steam ^^
  3. Quin


    Hello, and welcome :3
  4. Quin

    I want to make a game...

    I already have plentie of ideas, but I need some one that can make 3D moddles, that all I need right now. And yes, i would love to make a gun mod for Skyrim, adding things like old matchlock rifles and pistols. Anyway, if you want to help, contacted me on Skype @ sargequin.
  5. Quin

    I want to make a game...

    Awesome ^^ I would like to aswell, but I don't see it happening :\ But besides knowing what you want to do after collage, can you help me?
  6. Quin

    I want to make a game...

    Cool, that may come in handy.
  7. Quin

    I want to make a game...

    Cool, I would love your help Ryland, what can you do?
  8. Quin

    I want to make a game...

    That would be great for a sound track. But as for the ideas, I have many, some have no story, so I don't have to worry about writers block. Yet. anyway, I want to start small, like I said in my previous post. Something like small mods. Like adding swords to Skyrim, or props to Gmod. I can't 3D model, and I can't do anything. Thats why I'm looking for people with that can do these things. And yes Riddle, you can help. But it depend on what you want to help with?
  9. Quin

    I want to make a game...

    I don't know. I was thinking on starting with some small mod for the Source engine. Or maybe some small mods for Skyrim, just some easy stuff before we move to making bigger things. As for programs, I have no idea. I can hardly do anything along the lines of 3D modeling, or programing. Thats why I'm asking for people to help me :\
  10. Quin

    I want to make a game...

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some furs to help me make a game. And if your just gunna post it can't be done, the please go way right now. I'm looking for 3D modellers, scripters, programers. All that stuff. But I already have a couple artists. What will I do? I have the idea, and can do absolutely nothing with it. And thats why I'm asking for these people. Will you help me? Please? If I can't find all the people, are anyone at all, I will move on to another website and look there. Please, I say again, if your just gunna say how I can't do this, are how hard it will be, then don't post here.
  11. Quin

    Good day

    Welcome to that forums! Ill make sure to add you to my friends list on Steam :3
  12. Quin


    Hello and welcome to the forums ^^
  13. Quin

    hello from AK

    Hello and welcome ^^
  14. Quin

    Hello All

    Welcome to ze forums! ^^