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  1. HELLO AGAIN!!!! ITs me. Guess I am kinda new here to this new look of the site. I still have yet to get my laptop fixed. using my friends macbook. which is soooooooooooooooooooooo much fun. *sarcasm and rolls eyes* I am doing fine. Waiting on God to move me when he sees fit. still dont have a job. BUT IN GOD'S TIME!!! learned that I have. Hmmmm.... *puts paw to chin* what else.... not really much to tell BUT there will be more to tell when the time comes cause it is all going to be for the Glory of the Lord. Just in God's time. Been making a little money off of making a few tigerwolf plushies. And i also have shaved my head bold. But was going bold anyhow. *looks around room trying to think of more to type* nope. I got notta. *ahem* NYOOF!!!!
  2. Sorry Pikachu, Ive been a lazy Tigerwolf. I should have been here to greet every new member. But here is a late one. *bouncepounce* WELCOME!!! Nyoof!!!
  3. My thoughts on Bungie, Halo and all the jazz. I have been a Halo fan from the beginning. Why? Because i have never had high speed interweb and the 1st one provided countless years of fun. finding all the little easter eggs and even playing the game on LEGENDARY!! Then Halo 2 came out. It was better made and better looking, but not as hard. Or as long. Which was ok. And the new skulls and the Scarab gun was fun to find. ANd i love Arby. It was a good follow up to me. Then came halo 3. *dead silence* This to me, was just bungie making a game to make money from the online playing. The game was even easier to beat and well, a Let down to me in the whole. That is all I will say about that. The last 2 games were ok. But the story started to take a back sit in my opinion. It got less and less Epic (till Reach) and more focused on the online side. I really think this is because Bungie was not ready for the massive Juggernaut they made. let's face it, Halo is right up there with Mario, Sonic, Bugs Bunny and Ronald Regan. But Bungie being a computer game maker (which Halo was made for really) and then thrust into the spot light by a STAR WARS sized fan base I think took its toll on them. And them leaving Halo could be seen. All they ever got was HALOHALOHALOHALO!!! from all directions. AS for the online stuff, They clearly took aim at it to make money. And I am really not surprised that they went with *gags* Activision. Acti*coughs*vision clearly is just a troll in the gaming world and all they care about is milking money out of us gamers. Just like Bungie did. I hope the 2 make a very good marriage of Fuzzing up themselves in their conquest for money. Am i Glad that Bungie and Halo are not together? I cant say till the game comes out. Halo 4 looks good, but... so did the Bay Transformer movies. i have said what i feel. Nyoof
  4. HI! Sorry i have not been on much to offer a really awesome greeting but here is somewhat a awesome one. WELCOME TO THE LAND OF FUZZ!!!
  5. Makes me miss Beast Wars. Tyger Maximize!!! *transforms from Tigerwolf to tigerwolf* HEY IM A FUZOR!!!
  6. I have been trying to find huskies to make my tigerwolves at Toys r us and they have not had any in as of late. so i ordered them online. I got 2 of the brand new huskies that are not in my area yet. one is already going to my sister Sakiki, but i am wondering what to do with the other. anyone got any suggestions for colors?? Should i remake Avalon or make Rhapsody? Nyoof!
  7. I think i just died came back and died again..... nyoof..... of the EPIC EVENT!!
  8. Thanks. I will use them... as soon as i figure i figure on getting it in use. I am not the best at computers. BUT I WILL USE THEM!!! Nyoof
  9. to answer both of you, maybe 2 songs. one for like a intro and the other for some of the videos. kinda like Benny Hill sounding. and here is some links.
  10. Can anyone make a simple but goofy song for my videos? you all know how i am. So something that says, "Tyger's music" Nyoof??
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