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  1. yuumichi

    Hello All

    Hey broskah!!! Aloha!
  2. yuumichi

    Hello All

    Hey broskah!!! Aloha!
  3. yuumichi


    Hey broskah!
  4. yuumichi

    Greeting from the Nyoofer

    Welcome! It's awesome to hear that another has fallen to the arms of the Savior. I hope your walk with Christ only grows more rich and more dear to you. Love you bro and thanks for joining! PRAISE OUR FATHER!
  5. yuumichi

    Follwed my Mate.....

    KOOL Be blessed!!! HE>I ^^
  6. yuumichi

    Just an introduction

    Welcome bro!^^ God is crazy!!! HE IS SOO GOOD! hAVE A GREAT TIME HERE!!!
  7. yuumichi

    Needing new friends

    Aw welcome back to the arms of Christ!!!!! As it says "A thousand angels rejoice over the saved soul of one sinner" ^^ I'm so Glad you have found your Heavenly Father again.^^ And don't worry he will lead you into a fufilling relationship. Praise God!!!
  8. yuumichi

    Pleasure to meet everyone

    Welcome to the forums!!! It is my prayer that you will find fellowship and be transformed by the ministry here. God changes lives. He done so mouch for me and others!!!^^ I'll be praying you find not the church, not only the Bible, but....most importanty You find a new life through Christ and that your burdens be lifted!!!! Anyway, thank you for coming here. God bless u. We love yu.
  9. yuumichi

    Back Again

    Hello there!!!^^ Its good to se you again. God has changed my Life! Im hope and pray he will change yours through the ministry of this forum!!!!
  10. yuumichi

    Hi everyone

    Welcome. God loves you and so shall I !!!^^ Hope you find fellowship, and find the Holy spirit through his words and scripture
  11. yuumichi

    A foxger appears!

    Sorreh for the late intro. Its a blessing to have u here!^^
  12. yuumichi


    XD my real name is Josh too. XDDD Awesome broseph. Don't hesitate to make friends and love Jesus !
  13. yuumichi

    Hello there!

    Hew broody! Its awesome when new peeps show! Really glad t5o have u!
  14. yuumichi


    Hey welcome!^^ We're stoked!!! for new people who love Jesus Christ!thanks for coming
  15. yuumichi

    Hi...uh...I can't access my CP...

    Yeah chuckbro Good to have u! We r blessed!!!^^