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  1. Faolan


    I love Flyleaf, Memento Mori didn't do it for me though, maybe I need to give it more listening.
  2. Book series or online? I could use some reading material :3
  3. when was the last time you took a can of air to it?
  4. Faolan


    awesome norz ^^
  5. Halo 1 was incredible, Halo 2 brought some really cool new stuff to the fps world but the story sagged a little, Halo 3 brought nothing incredbile and ended my interest in the series utterly. Being that Halo 4 isn't even being done by the same people, unless they do something truly revolutionary and amazing (slim to none chance of that) I won't be getting Halo 4.
  6. The HL2 engine is older than that and very flexible for lower end computers so something would be wrong if it didn't
  7. It's about amazing! just got past rocket launch. amazing rendition of the game, the nostalgia is beautiful, and much more challenging than i remember as well!
  8. Guild Wars 2 plays a little bit... differently, combat is very much fast paced and twitch much moreso than other mmos and is a much less forgiving game, i died a few times before getting to level 10 from the challenge and i LIKE that! but leveling and weapon balancing is a bit peculiar will take some more playing to get used to, and i'm on konaen (or something like that) for server
  9. I started playing Rift again a bit, can't do WoW anymore though sorry guys.
  10. Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers been stuck in my head like crazy, first and only country song I've ever enjoyed listening to immensely.
  11. I would love giving it a read, my e-mail adress should be viewable via profile
  12. Faolan


    Take the headphones off or just tough it out like I did very fun game ^^ bit whacked at the end though.
  13. Been on the EVE online free trial since yesterday, heck of a complicated game x.X
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