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    The boy who fights the machine!
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    on the thin line of reality and fiction
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    gaming, reading, helping out at my church.
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    snow leopard
  1. leopard97

    Why hello there! :3

    welcome to the forum. You may remember me as shadow the woleopard from furry teens.
  2. leopard97

    Hello c:

    *hugs* welcome
  3. leopard97

    new member!

    welcome feel free to pm me anytime.
  4. leopard97

    Fresh Spirit

    Welcome you can pm me anytime
  5. leopard97

    What was the most recent game you played?

    played Shadow of the Colossus like 5 minutes ago and can't find the second Colossus the map doesn't help much
  6. leopard97


    welcome you'll definitely like it here
  7. leopard97


    welcome you'll definitely like it here
  8. leopard97

    An agents return.

    Welcome back bro
  9. leopard97

    I'm new!

    Welcome feel free to pm me at any time.
  10. leopard97

    Hi I'm new

    welcome and I'm just crazy I can't do anything like direlda over there
  11. leopard97

    Dragons in our Midst

    I read them I own all the books in the series except for the latest book and I love every second of them
  12. leopard97

    I'm new here :D

    yay Star ur here
  13. leopard97


    Flyleaf is epic I could listen to them all day
  14. leopard97

    Yoho~ :3

    Welcome to the forums fell free to PM me.