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  1. /me waves, then notices the worddragon, and stares. Heh heh. Finally! It seemed as though, for the longest time, Draco and Xyie and I were the only dragons around. And neither of them really acted very dragonish much... <_< 'cept Xyie, when he was in the mood for a snack. Anywho, nice to meet you and PM me!
  2. /me holds out a claw. I do believe I've seen you on the IRC just a smidge. Haven't talked much though. PM me!
  3. /me waves hi Saw you on the IRC! PM me more here, kay? =P
  4. Hullo hullo! I do believe you saw me on the IRC? Anyhow, I like to get to know new peoples. Send me a PM!
  5. Nice to meet you Tom. I'm Robin, resident lunatic/wizard. Nice to have you here.
  6. *Drools* Wish I could get lessons from you or summat like that. But, ah well =P I'll figure it out... Eventually... *Goes back to scribbling horrible little doodles onto paper*
  7. He is? Hmm. Haven't noticed . What's his name there?
  8. Interesting. Did not expect anyone else my age to join. Greetings! A fursona, like Ash said, is yourself as a furry. For instance, mine is a lunatic dragon wizard. You can add however many details you care to (Mine's got something somewhat like magical multiple personality disorder) and it's kinda just for fun really. You don't NEED one I suppose but it's fun. That being said... /me extends his claw and smiles, holding a small amulet in front of him for you to grab.
  9. That explains the signature.... Join the chat sometime! We're all most active there.
  10. Loch ness monster eh? Nice ta meet you! I suppose I'm somewhat close to you being a dragon an' all. You're very nearly a water dragon... So are you liek teh anthroz or are you feral/quad (Whatever the heck you call it. Got into an argument about that once and don't want to bring it up again)
  11. Hallo Yr! (Makes me think Tyr every time I see it) You're the first taur (I think) that's joined us. Tis nice to meet you! /me bows and extends a claw to the taur.
  12. Nice to meet you Brallion. You may wanna stay away from any knights around here... The kind looking for a noble steed Y'know. And I've got to look out for 'em too considering I'm prime slaying material.
  13. /me jawdrops. You mind doing a drawing for me?
  14. A snake? I haven't seen a snake here before. Nice to meet you, scaled brethren! I'm a rather odd dragon wizard myself. One who is plagued by evil typo fairies... Anyhow nice to meet you and hope to talk with you more soon! And anytime you want to talk to someone, I'm here. Be wary though. I'm still a dragon... And sometimes I end up hungry. You may wanna run sometime...
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