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    amsa2468 (though I don't play it too much anymore...)
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    Our Lord, of course, becoming a fighter Pilot, Paintball, airsoft, RTSs, the list is truly endless.
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    Siberian Wolf
  1. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    New User: Chakram

    Dzien dobry, jak sie masz? Very nice to meet you Chakram! I think your name is pretty awesome too.
  2. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Songs currently on your mind

    MoH Underground OST - Escape from Casablanca MoH Underground OST - The Motorcycle Chase <---- highly recommended MoH Underground OST - Passage to Iraklion MoH OST - Stopping the V2 MoH OST - Taking Out the Railgun MoH OST - The U-Boat MoH Underground OST - Fleeing the Catacombs <---- This one too MoH Allied Assault OST - Tiger Tank MoH Frontline OST - Clipping Their Wings <---- Also recommended
  3. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Achilles is the name

    Lol I have no preferences, you can call me what you want xD
  4. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Achilles is the name

    dzien dobry, jak sie masz? I'm the crazy, Polish speaker here, nice to meet you!
  5. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Dust: An Elysian Tail

    I literally got this like 5 days ago xD Its really fun, and I managed to get around 40% completed.
  6. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Hi, my name is Oren

    I am not sure that I remember you, but I have some sort of a hunch... But it is probably wrong anyway. So anyways, welcome back, and I hope you have a good time here.
  7. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    New Here

    Dzien dobry, jak sie masz? I'm a crazy, Polish-speaking wolf, that is very pleased to meet you ^^
  8. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Why hello there! :3

    dzien dobry, jak sie masz? I'm the crazy, Polish speakin' wolf here, nice to meet you!
  9. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Back from a long leave

    Yes, and now i plan to take participation a little bit more than of late around here.
  10. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Hello c:

    Ah polka! wrescie nie jestem sam tu! jak sie masz?
  11. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Back from a long leave

    Hey guys, I'm Pooty, all you old timers might remember me xD For all of you that don't, I am a Siberian Wolf named Vukasin, Pooty_BlaDiBla is just the name i use for all the internet stuffs. besides youtube. You can call me by any of the following above, or you could call me Adam or even my spanish class name: Salvador. I am a dude, if you haven't already guessed, and I live in Mokena Illinois. You can contact me at my email: [email protected], though i rarely check it, or you can contact me on steam or skype: adamsierakowski357. I also have a facebook that I periodically check. I have recently turned 15 on May 25th. I, sadly, can draw as some people have told me, but I do not have the patience to sit through and complete whatever I start because it usually ends up how I don't want it to so I give up =/ I have not gone to any cons or furmeets, but once I get my driver's license, I'm going to go as much as I can, whenever i can. I am super Polish, and I love that I am. I am crazy about history, particularly about the wars in the 20th century. I like to play World of Tanks a little too much (almost 300 hours clocked in...) and twizzlers are the best candy in the world in my opinion. I like most kinds of music, but hate country and all that death metal stuff. and I cannot stand listening to dubstep, though that may be changing... And don't get me started on how awesome it is to go camping and to go to the beach. I am Roman Catholic. If anyone has any questions, just hit me with a PM.
  12. Pooty_BlaDiBla


    sup broski
  13. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Direlda Requests Bible Study Feedback

    Or something... I don't really know... I'll try to get around to doing it again, I am only taking a quick breather from homework, so I can't right now, sorry... =(
  14. That suit looks super realistic! Its awesome!
  15. Pooty_BlaDiBla

    Direlda Requests Bible Study Feedback

    aw, what happened to my post? It was a lot of stuff too... =(