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  1. Hello again guys! Im back haha! I totally forget about this site... Sorry! ;_; <3
  2. Yes, I am. But in fact we still live on the same planet. :3 Oh... I think with time you will find a lot of mistakes in my post's. ^^; But Im still learning!
  3. Real name: Maria Other names: Riciak, Lancelotta, Lancus About your fursona: Just tiny anthro skunk with rainbow hair. Her character is just like mine. She love nature, science, food and hugs. www.furaffinity.net/view/10518964/ Age: in december I will end 18 Gender: Female Location: Poland (Warsaw) Email: [email protected] Web site(s): www.facebook.com/roarfursuits Artist/Writer: I try to make fursuits and draw ^ ^ Been to any cons: Gdakon in 2013 Fav. music: classic, rock, punk, pop, dance, dubstep... every kind of music without rap Likes: ice cream, wild animals, ocean.... a lot of things Dislikes: agressiv :c Im pacifist. Church Denomination: roman catholic Anything else: Sorry for my english ^^; Hmm Im in catholic highschool in Warsaw. :3
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