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    There any coffee?
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  1. Just James

    Any 3DS users here?

    My friend code 0533-4406-9408
  2. Just James

    Group popular MMO's?

    Very very very true. I'm loving my Charr engineer.
  3. Just James

    Introducing myself

    Welcome welcome!
  4. Just James


    Welcome welcome its quite nice to meet you.
  5. Just James

    Sketch a week

    Me gusta! It's a cartoon me ^^ Also small update a broken down car kinda took my focus this week. So this weekend ill work on my next sketch
  6. Just James

    Some of you may know me...

    Welcome welcome
  7. Just James

    Sketch a week

    Ok just wanted to let y'all know I started and finished my first sketch of DasPurpleSegway. http://imgur.com/1FyEO
  8. Just James

    Songs currently on your mind

    Can't get any better
  9. Just James

    One free Commission

    Yes I am
  10. Just James

    Sketch a week

    Also to those I forgot to do last time I must apologize. I will make it up to ya budding an extra drawing
  11. Just James

    What was the most recent game you played?

    Shogun 2 Total War : Fall of the Samurai My Armstrong guns and Gatling guns tear through even the bravest of samurai
  12. Just James

    Sketch a week

    Hey y'all just wanna give you an update and explain my absence. I graduated from my University last Saturday and during that week and this week I have been very busy so I haven't really been able to do any sketches. I will however pick up soon. I plan on having my first sketch done next week.
  13. Just James

    Sketch a week

    I need your references
  14. Just James

    Sketch a week

    Hello everyone As some of you know I dabble in sketching and illustration. And recently I have started to do a sketch a week. As of right now I would like to do character studies of anatomy, posture, and body proportions. I am offering my services to anyone who would like a simple sketch of them or their character(s). I would prefer to do primarily human sketches but if you would like me to do your fursona I would be more than willing. I am comfortable and have no issue with doing nudes. I will not do anything erotic or sexual. Just please email me any reference pics you have or email me the statistics of your character at [email protected] It's a first come first serve kind of deal. No limit to how many you want but I will be doing one person and only one sketch every week.
  15. Just James


    well I want to say thank for the kind welcomes and welcome backs