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  1. Absolutely you can call me that! Lovely to meet you as well! ^~^
  2. Shadow! I had no Idea you were on here! Too cool!
  3. Real name: Colton Other names: People call me "Colt" for short :3 About your fursona: Pretty standard grey and white wolf. Age: 16 Gender: Male Location: Sunny (and overly hot) state of Florida! Email: [email protected] IM: (Only use Skype's IM) Thecoltonfactor Web site(s): FurryTeens, GayChristianNetwork, Reddit :3 Artist/Writer: Me personally? Nope :3 I do play guitar, so I count myself as a musical artist :3 Style: Atmospheric, technical, very progressive :3 Been to any cons: Nope Fav. music: Ohh I could go on for days. Broadly put, progressive metal. Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Between the Buried and me. More narrow, and my personal favorite is a Sub-sub-genre of progressive called 'Djent'. Essentially, Progressive Technical Deathcore. Volumes, Periphery, Corelia :3 But I like Heavy Metal as a whole, classic rock, fusion jazz and electroswing :3 Likes: Violins, playing guitar, especially my 8-string, business casual attire, swimming :3 Dislikes: Black Veil Brides, Swag as a whole, DRM, drivers in Florida x3 Church Denomination: I go to a Catholic church, but a Presbyterian school, I don't know yet I'm a Christian, I know that for sure though. :3 Anything else: Audiophile (I LOVE high-quality sounds, I can pick apart a songs time-signature and polyrhythems, that's why I love progressive :3), Avid guitar player (I have 8, 6 electric, and one of those is an 8 string), and I always dress nicely! :3 Really hope to meet tons of awesome people! <3
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