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  1. Krystal > Wolf M2 > Lucario Metaknight = Most broken character in ssb history Tripping = Worst idea ever. I just can't take Brawl seriously when Captain Falcon is bottom tier. It's a crime against the very principles of game-development. You can do better, Sakurai.
  2. Incidentally, I think I just found you over at AiB. I don't play Brawl competitively, though. :< Only melee. I don't have a Wii but at soon as I get one, I plan on picking up competitive Brawl.
  3. Is more important than breathing. Discuss. Seriously, though. Does anyone else play? All three games included. Also SSBM > Everything
  4. One of my favourite songs. <3 also: lol >.>
  5. You had to have been there for it when it happened. Specifically, to have seen the original YTMND and been around popular forums. IT'S FUNNY TO OLD PEOPLE LIKE ME.
  6. YOU ARE WIDDERSHINS. A mystery is solved.
  7. Really? Maybe I grew up. I've been banned from #CFF four separate times.
  8. So, I'm pretty much cool enough to miss all the introduction threads. Hi. Also pretty awesome.
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