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    I am a writer. I have as many imaginary friends as I do real, and I find that sometimes the line between the two get blurry.
    I love the outdoors, art, music, the inmundane. I love being alone, save for God and my mind- and I intend to live that out. Not a hermit, but live alone.
    All around, I'm ecstatic, quite possibly mad, and I'm all the more thankful for it.
  1. Writing commissions! Woot! I and two of my friends are going to spend a month on the Appalachian Trail this May, and I need some cash for hiking gear. Why not do what I love while I'm at it? Anyway, I'm not incredibly sure if I can post a link to my website here, but if not, let me know and I'll work this via the forum. It's just easier on me, and it makes me feel like people actually look at the thing Website, writing examples and info http://www.createdbylev.webs.com Thanks a lot, and God bless. ~Lev
  2. Tikaani, you did that first one in Gimp? Wow. Even with a tablet, I have trouble with drawing in that program. Mainly because I can't do the pressure levels. I love the program otherwise, it can do so much cool stuff. ~Lev
  3. Ah yeah. Plague doctors for the win :sleepy:
  4. Well, I guess it's my turn ^^ Just a random character I had made up while drawing him. Done in Photoshop 3 with an unnamed $50 tablet lol. Lot's of awesome artists on this sight, lovin it! ~Lev
  5. Heh, thanks for the warm welcome.
  6. Hey guys, just your typical 'Hello' post. So yeah, the name's Lev. I am an artist by hobby, writer by passion, and a Christian by the grace of God. Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing some of my work. Good to know that there are some other believers in the fandom. Quick bio. Species: Yeah . . . let's go with American Red Fox Age: 16 Gender: Male Quick description (until I get my fursona posted): Typical brownish-orange fur, black hands and ears, grey tail-tip, mask, along with a small chest-blaze. I'm really not all that flashy, but you'd probably recognize me by a cocky little grin that my friends say I have. I demanded proof, but they just laughed >> Anyway, I'm waiting on a new tablet, so drawing to come ^^ Until later, farewell! ~Lev
  7. I think 'Screamstep' would be a better name for this. Pretty awesome nonetheless. ~Lev
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