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Locking threads without reason

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Once again, it seems moderators are doing the exact same thing as they have always been doing.


I had posted on a thread, noting that Norzman had made it to the administration team. Great for him.

I also made a note to the other two administrators that if they had been more willing to keep themselves accountable and generally allow for more transparency, they could have had two admins, not just one. Needless to say, it would appear that some of the staff didn't like it, calling it "passive aggressive."


First off, I do not believe it is passive aggressive. I naturally edited the post back, assuming that the main moderator, Rukh, misinterpreted the post.


He later made another edit, also putting in a note that it was a passive aggressive post. He also left this wonderful little note for me.


DECTS, You have been given a warning by Rukh_Whitefang. Reason: Abusive Behaviour Enough is enough. Stop the drama Dects. Your passive aggressive post you keep editing is crude behavior. Adair and myself have removed it multiple times now. This behavior is not tolerated here. And personally is very childish. You do nothing but stir up drama and discourse with your actions. Very un Christ like.

You have been warned. Continuation of this behavior will result in further actions.


Crude? Childish? Look who's talking.


I later made a post, talking about how you should keep your friends close, and how you should stand up for them.

You can read the full post here: http://christianfurs.net/topic/7760-keep-your-friends-close/


It too, was locked. This was done without reason, without need. This post did not violate any regulations.


Rukh's actions, quite simply, are not becoming of a moderator. I had edited in, "That was aggressive?", and Rukh merely removed my question from the post.


I also documented each event with a screenshot, logged with time.



How childish and crude is this behavior, being demonstrated by a moderator? In fact, if he is telling the truth when he says that Adair had removed the post, which he may have only done once, the entire staff. Simply refusing to accept that mistakes have been made, and attempting to cover it up.



I highly recommend the staff fix the flaws, accept their mistakes, and move on. This is getting ridiculous.

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To be honest I just assumed that last thread was locked for being off topic. Or should i say, General -> Off Topic.. :3


But I thought people posted stuff like that often anyway.

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I'm going to reply to this once, since obviously trying to keep things private with you Dects isn't working. And seeing how you have no problems with posting private messages (the warning pm) I assume you won't have a problem with me responding here.


First, as you seem to go after me trying to make me out as some kind of mod out of control, I have not acted without the consent of the admins of CF. Everything I have done has followed the rules of the site and was affirmed by an admin. CF has rules, all members (including yourself) are to follow them if you want to be a part of the community here.


Second, you admit to circumnavigating edits made to your post that both mods and admins made. You have admitted to breaking the rules. And you don't care. Your attitude about the forum has not changed since you were last here. You are not above the rules, contrary to what you believe.


Third, your provoking the staff over an issue that you were involved in a long time ago (that you were very in the wrong about).



Dects, feel free to send a pm to the staff if you want to talk about the real reason you are doing this. But do not continue to make a private, personal feud with the CF staff a public drama ordeal.

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